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WeepingStar is Awesome

Hi. My name is John Helix. I'm an Abyssal fanboy, though my longest-surviving character is a Twilight-Caste Solar named Bitter Ash. Known alternately as "Helix" to my friends, "DJ Autochthon" to my fans, and "d-_-b" to the people on #WoD, I am a man of many faces, though all of them have that same "deer in the headlights" expression.

I'm from the internet.

Just got an A Perfect Circle song stuck in my head and promptly realized that I need to make an Abyssal named "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums". Possibly using special, one of a kind Maggot Revolvers and a bastardized version of Righteous Devil Style Martial Arts. Blindfolded. Comes with his own theme song!

Oh good lord, I could make a Perfect Circle of Abyssals all named after A Perfect Circle songs... Such a terrible idea. Though a Daybreak named "Diary of a Madman" is nothing to shake a stick at.

Things to Do:

That's it for now.

- WeepingStar

Hi WeepingStar, and welcome to the Wiki! Please read BestPractices -- it'll tell you all about the etiquette around here. Incidentally, I reformatted your link to be more in line with it -- hope you don't mind. Thanks, again welcome.
~ Shataina

Yeah, sadly enough I only noticed the BestPractices about halfway through setting things up, so I ended up feeling like a tool because it hadn't occurred to me to do a lot of things that I should have, format-wise. I'll clean up after myself soon enough. Thanks!
~ WeepingStar