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Scroll and Sword Circle

This is a cast list and the houserules and clarifications for my game.


  • New Experience Rules for the new story: I will give between 2 and 5 base experience for each session. In addition, we will have the Coolest Chosen of the Evening award, as previously. Finally, I'd like each of you to email to me a secret agenda your character has, that none of the others are aware of. Each time you do something in a session that significantly advances your agenda, or puts it at significant risk of being exposed to a Circlemate, you get 2 bonus XP. If you guess someone else's secret agenda, you get 5 and they no longer get XP for risking exposure, until they have devised an entirely new secret agenda.


Active Members

Inactive Members



  • Tomorrow's Flower Haddad, Umbrose Trident Minister: Malic is interested in studying the Fire Dragon, Righteous Devil, and Charcoal March of Spiders Styles from this man. He is also authorized to teach the Violet Bier of Sorrows Style, among others, to Merciful Osprey. He has recently completed the Argent Scorpion of Contradiction Style, and is deeply concerned with the welfare of Phion, the Chosen of Battles.
  • Aramis Ber, Iolite Ambassador of Escape: Her student Arkadi is practicing the Water Dragon Style. She has also mastered the full complement of astrological House of Heaven Styles, and is fond of rare flowers. She keeps a flying bonsai garden on the grounds of her Manse.


A Red Bird: The First Story

ScrollAndSwordCircle/ActOne : The very beginning. ScrollAndSwordCircle/MalicInvestigates : Malic goes to see Black Ice Shadow. ScrollAndSwordCircle/LiliesWilt : A meeting with an unfriendly local. ScrollAndSwordCircle/ArkadiAndEmissary : Malic meets with a contact and the Red transfer. ScrollAndSwordCircle/FallenBirds : The group witnesses some unsettling omens. ScrollAndSwordCircle/MeetingPheasantBows : What's up with Phion? ScrollAndSwordCircle/ImmaculateFangAndMouth : The death of red and purple. ScrollAndSwordCircle/DjedetTalks : The enemy is revealed. ScrollAndSwordCircle/ReturnToPheasantBows : A short chat. ScrollAndSwordCircle/ToSkullstone : A dark place and a brief fight. ScrollAndSwordCircle/InSkullstone : Meeting with the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water. ScrollAndSwordCircle/MeetingEmber : Forge finds a new friend for Malic. ScrollAndSwordCircle/TriumphalIvory : A little bribery goes a long way. ScrollAndSwordCircle/PokerGame: Malic, Arkadi and Gia play a little game of poker and have a nice chat. ScrollAndSwordCircle/BoysNightOut : The boys track down a lead, and meet some unusual people. ScrollAndSwordCircle/EventfulNight : A remarkable altercation at a travellers' inn. ScrollAndSwordCircle/MeetingAlisair : Finally tracking down the lead. ScrollAndSwordCircle/SpringingSpringSnow : The Smiling Lady is Shunned, to excellent effect. ScrollAndSwordCircle/TwoMenAndALady : Malic, Arkadi, and Hollow Moth get to know each other. ScrollAndSwordCircle/AnOldGirlfirend: Arkadi and Malic pay a visit to the Lions and then Arkadi's old flame. ScrollAndSwordCircle/MalicsAstrology : Malic and Osprey do some destiny planning. ScrollAndSwordCircle/TheBigSecret : Osprey shares a dark secret with Gia. ScrollAndSwordCircle/BrassMuskrat : Beginning the journey to Kirighast. ScrollAndSwordCircle/AlongComesASpider : Fate invites our heroes on a brief detour. ScrollAndSwordCircle/InKirighast : Portents and pork. ScrollAndSwordCircle/StormingTheTower : The Chorus at Midnight is silenced. ScrollAndSwordCircle/ThingsToDoAtParties: Character Development Action

The Second Story

ScrollAndSwordCircle/MakingPlans : The Circle considers their next course of action, with help from luminaries. (pending) ScrollAndSwordCircle/FindingTamuz : First Age Lunars pop up in the most unusual places. ScrollAndSwordCircle/DuelWithDestiny : Starting to win Tamuz' respect. ScrollAndSwordCircle/AdviceFromTamuz : Tamuz suggests that the Sidereals prove themselves.


Kung Fu

Canonical Styles are always approved for starting Techniques or Sifu access. The following Styles from the Wiki are also pre-approved:

Celestial Rank

Sidereal Rank

House Rules


Inspired by a comment in #wod: I'll totally give XP to whoever makes an S&S drinking game. - willows

Go and look at VoidState's amazing new pdf astrology flowchart. It rolls the dice for you and everything! _Ikselam