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Index of Merits and Flaws

MeritFlawIndex/General -MeritFlawIndex/GodBlood -MeritFlawIndex/Thaumaturge

Format is:

  • Merit / Flaw (value, prerequisites) [page]
    • Dependent Merit/ Flaw (value, additional prereqs) [page]

All page references are to the Exalted Player's Guide, since that is currently the only book containing merits and flaws. Merits and flaws are sorted alphabetically within their category. Those which require others from the same category are nested to make this clear. Hopefully someone will find this useful.

Great ways to help this project include:

  • Adding more specific navigation aids, e.g. using anchors to jump to different categories of M&F.
  • Strategic highlighting, e.g. of "important" M&F like Awakened Essence.