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Ikselam's Infernal Exalted

This is the start of my Infernal Exalted project. The content here is mainly first-draft stuff, so if you see a blatant inconsistency, bring it to my attention so I can fix it. I'm not really looking for new ideas at this point, but feel free to offer them anyway. I will probably do the Charms last, so don't hold your breath. If you are just dying for some Infernal Charms, see FourWillowsWeeping's page; his version of Infernals is not very much like mine, but seems pretty well-thought-out.

This project is now OpenSource. Any and all are welcome to contribute, but I do ask that you read theIkselamInfernal/Introduction and the design documents below, and try to keep your ideas within that general framework. IkselamInfernal/CheyneAndSancha - This short scene/artifact idea is what made me think about Infernals in the first place. IkselamInfernal/InitialBrainStorm - A basic outline of stuff I'd like to see in the writeup. IkselamInfernal/CharmsProto - Charm ideas. Not a whole lot of solidity here, but one very important general mechanic. IkselamInfernal/Mascots - Not highly important, just quick writeups of the "mascot" characters. IkselamInfernal/BackgroundProto - Some preliminary background ideas. IkselamInfernal/DetailedOutline - A detailed outline.

IkselamInfernal/Forum - For discussion of stuff that should be done/changed/whatever.


Ikselam\\ Balthasar


Hey! I´m going to run an Akuma series for my current campaign, and I´m inviting you and everyone who wants to join to make a small, playable e-book for the Akuma. I´ll be doing some illustrations for the project, which will look like the introduction to Dragon Kings on Ruins Of Rathess book. Nothing too deep, nothing to shallow. Go to my user page here -> Sindaen <-- to find out more. Thanks!

Hmm I'm not sure i agree with the nature of your infernals, they seem more driven by chaos and conflict. not that demons are opposed to conflict, but they are the anacedent of chaos. THe seek order in every thing, like the ultimate example of obsesive compulsive disorder. Each demon is primarily driven by their own personal view of order. If anything, the infernals would be more intune to their virtues. the entire point of the curse was to divorce the solars and other Exalts from their own personal harmony and order. Where demons are pure order, the soalrs exalts are now disorderly. Just my view of the order of things... ToBE

This project is now open to anyone who wants to contribute. Please visit the links at the top of the page first, though.\\ _Ikselam