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Ikselam's Exalted Fiction

These are some stories I've written that take place in the Exalted setting.

The Tale of Maresuki's Journeys

  • The Seven Sisters' Tale
    1. The Tale of the Sky King's Daughters
    2. The Tale of Seven Sisters
    3. The Tale of the Seventh Sister
  • The Tale of the Travelling Swordsman
    1. The Tale of the Beggar Gods

Oh dear Lord, honestly speaking this is the best Exalted fanfiction I have bothered to read. Ten thousand thanks for allowing us come across such a wonderful piece, Ikselam... Speaking of which, would it be terribly wrong if I translated the Seven Sisters' Tale to Korean? I've been needing a way to get people in this small web-community hooked into Exalted, and I'm rather convinced this would do a such job... - sssssz