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The Spirit Courts of Creation

This page will contain information on the spirit courts of Creation. This may includes such information as a court's sphere of influence in Creation, where and when it meets, and the names of some of the more important gods and elementals in its hierarchy. Ideally, all of the fan-made spirit courts will have thumbnail descriptions of their meeting places and of the important gods and spirits.

Canonical Courts

  • Fakharu's Court:The court of a powerful Celestial Censor, a Water Dragon of the Western ocean. (ToT)
  • Jorst's Court: Golden-Eyed Jorst holds a months-long summer party in his Manse in the Eastern forests. (GoD)
  • Ogime's Court: The Frog Queen, a lesser Water Dragon, holds bitter court beneath the Western seas. (GoD)
  • The Court of Seasons: The season-spirits of Creation gather by turns in this court. (E:SC)
  • Sikunare's Court: A Storm Mother's court in the Western ocean. (ToT)
  • The Wind Masters: These five lesser Air Dragons meet in council each season to order the five winds. (GoD)
  • Verethine's Court: The underwater court of the Vodonik King, allied with the Lintha Family. (B&S)
  • The Court of the Orderly Flame: A fire court seeking to unite all fire courts and gain the recognition of the CelestialBureaucracy. (HotBG)
  • Defiant Eminence, god of the Dehennen Mountains. Not a cour per se... but he probably has one. (Cult of the Illuminated)

Non-Canonical Courts

The Herb Court

This puissant gathering of Eastern plant spirits holds sway over a number of lesser forest courts. The goddess Ren Shen, Queen of Ginseng, holds undisputed mastery over the court, which gathers each year in the season of Wood. Though she is a beneficent goddess, she adheres as best she can to the old ways of the Celestial Hierarchy, limiting her mandate to aid mortals. A few of her subordinates nurse old rivalries, but these subdued squabbles scarcely mar an otherwise serene court. Some of the more noteworthy gods of the Herb Court include Nyorai the Pure (goddess of the lotus), the Scarlet Maiden (goddess of the poppy), and Zanjabil (southern god of ginger). - Quendalon

The Court Of The Hidden Valley

A court cut off from Yu-Shan and Creation. - bobthepariah

The Court of Secrets

Somewhere in the hidden places of the East, those gods who deal in secrets, mysteries and enigmas hold court. None outside of their circle know exactly where they meet, or when, or to what purpose. While none can be certain of the court's hierarchy, it is said that the water dragon Uktené rules there. Other gods include Shangomir (the god of occult secrets) and the Sage of the Lilac Garden (god of secrets held in trust). - Quendalon

The Court of Seven Metals

Spirits of ore, metal, mine and forge gather in a volcanic cavern deep beneath the Shichiyas range in the East, between the kingdoms of Iehachi and Tessen-O. Both gods and elementals gather under the auspices of the court. In large part, the Court of Seven Metals serves as a breeding ground for ambition, conspiracy and treachery among the East's chthonic spirits; the ruler of the court has been known to change more than once in a single year as one god supplants his predecessor, overreaches, and is supplanted in turn. - Quendalon

The Thousand Rivers Court

The Court of the Rivers of the Scavenger Lands, presided over by the Yellow River King (the spirit of the Yanaze and Yellow Rivers) and his wife the Emerald Waters Queen (the spirit of the Maruto River). Other notable gods include the Red Wanderer (the spirit of the Avarice River), Dead Water Running (the spirit of the Gray River), and Thousand Ice Tears (a mortal man, elevated to godhood by the Solar Exalted, with dominion over the River of Tears). The Court holds innumerable small water spirits and gods under it's thumb, and meets five times a year upon the Isle of Drigia. -- CrownedSun


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