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This is the place for new hearthstones, hearthstone creation guidelines, hearthstone discussions, etc. This is not the section for Manses; that can be found at MansesAndDemesnes.

Hearthstones by Aspect

Celestial Aspects

Terrestrial Aspects

Underworld Aspsects

Hearthstones by Contributor



I've started to index HearthStones by Aspect and Level, but its a time-consuming process. I'd love some help if anyone's got free time. I sure don't. Otherwise, expect about one new page a week. - Telgar

Well, Telgar, I've got the skeleton up for the terrestrial stones, so we should be good to go there. I've also added my own stones to the terrestrial section. I do plan to do more, but ikselam's terrestrial hearthstone section scares me. Anyway, sorry about the unnecessary posts on the recent changes section. Sometimes I miss the little box, but no body's perfect. -EndlessChase

Doing a bit of work here. Added page references for all hearthstones from Exalted, Book of Three Circles, Savant & Sorcerer, and Exalted: The Outcaste. Also created some subpages. -- JesseLowe

I have some Hearthstones indexed but am not sure what exactly you are needing from the books. So feel free to take what you need from my site to help yours. -Buji

Page referenced the six Hearthstones from Caste Book: Dawn. And then the 11 from Caste Book: Zenith. Bloops, now the 9 from Caste Book: Twilight and the few from Caste Book: Night. Finally, and with much reluctance, I speculated on the placement of the Hearthstones in Caste Book: Eclipse, placing most of them in SolarHearthstones , but Merchant's Jewel in WaterLevelTwo because of its close connection to Bureaucracy, and double posting Jewel of Whispers in SolarHearthstones/SolarLevelThree and AirHearthstones/LevelThree cuz it could go as either. Finally, put the Oathstone in each of the 5 Solar levels, as it can apply to each. CB:E was a huge pain in the ass, basically. -- UncleChu

Still riding high on the recognitionless charity of inputting all these Canon Hearthstones, I added Aspect Book: Air's 9 fine HS's, Aspect Book: Earth's 8 HSs, the ones from Aspect Book: Fire, and from Aspect Book: Wood. I was quite surprised to not see any in the Water book. Also, throughout all this inputting, I've been doing some alphabetizing and slight reformatting if a page did not look good enough. --Uncle Chu and You

I appreciate your work UncleChu! Your hearthstone catagorization has been helpful in me finding at least one stone, probably more. Hang in there!
-- Darloth

Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone out there had any infernal aspected hearthstones. I had heard rumours of some floating about the wiki but my mind is getting boggled by the sheer vastness of all of this fan material. If anyone has created any or seen any I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks ~ Insanewizard