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Gemstone Of Ephemeral Awareness</b>

<b>Manse •••
Aspect: Celestial (Sidereal)
Trigger: Concentration

This hearthstone is a facted round diamond like gem about the size of an egg yolk with the colors of all five maidens refracted through it. When activated the bearer's perceptions shift to be able to percive the flows of essence as lines and whorls of energy connecting everything to everything else.

Creatures outside of fate can be percieved as disruptions in this pattern, sorcery and charm use (as well as any other essence manipulations) can be percived as well. Understanding the warp, weft and color of what is pervieved requires a Perception + Occult with a difficulty determined by the nature of disruption in question.

While opperating with these shifted perceptions all actions that involve anything other than pure essence manipulation are at +1 difficulty due to the distracting nature of the overlay.

Comments? - Malikai

Comments on old version

Seems really weak for level 3. I'd place it on the low end of two; it's clearly too useful to be rank 1.\\ _Ikselam

Any suggestions for how to bring it up to level 3? - Malikai

Allow the bearer to interact with them as if they were material? Allow perception of Essence and magic? - Telgar

Sort of Like All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight? - Malikai

Have it give them dice for understanding the nature of what they see, perhaps. -EndlessChase