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Mapache's Hearthstones

Gem of Calming Influence</b>

<b>Manse •, Air or Earth
Trigger: Continuous

This simple, smooth pearly-grey stone increases the bearer's Temperance by one dot, which may allow it to exceed five. Rubbing one's thumb over it produces a tranquil, relaxing sensation.

Stone of Driving Focus</b>

<b>Manse ••, Water or Abyssal
Trigger: Seeking answers

This opaque red stone allows the bearer's determination to knock aside impediments to his finding things he wants. Add the bearer's Conviction to all Investigation rolls he makes.

Mirrored Wellspring Jewel</b>

<b>Manse • to •••••, Dual Solar / Abyssal
Trigger: Continuous

These strange hearthstones appear to be transparent from whichever side the observer looks at them, but with a far side that is opaque, depicting a neverending swirling mist of mingled black and white. They grant no additional powers beyond essence regeneration, but when properly mounted in a setting, they grant their essence regeneration bonus in both Creation and the Underworld. They can be produced only by manses that lie in a Shadowland, partaking of the surrounding land's dual essence.


I may be wrong, but i believe manses in Creation already let you regenerate essence in the underworld, and as far as i know, manses in shadowlands count as being in Creation, and so any manse in a shadowland already does this. -- Darloth

Yeah, I saw people claim that somewhere, after I'd already written this up. Consulting my Abyssals book, I can't see anywhere it actually says that, though. On the other hand, it certainly doesn't say that Creation Hearthstones don't work in the Underworld, but it seems a reasonable thing given the way Essence regeneration penalties are mirrored between the living and the dead. -- Mapache

Manses in Creation and Yu-Shan produce Hearthstones that work anywhere. Only the Underworld is different. I'll look for a page reference later, but this is true. - Telgar

I don't think it's in a book, Telgar, just something that's been mentioned by Neph I believe. - haren