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Hearthstones by WyldSpawn

Abyssal Hearthstones

Inspired by Ikselam's hearthstone Blood-Lust Jewel</b> I did my own version of it. I copied Ikselam's description, because it is very good and I'm lazy. You can find his description under Ikselam's Abyssal Hearthstones.

<b>Blood-Lust Jewel</b>

<b>Manse •••
Trigger: Licking or kissing a wound.

This teardrop-shaped gem is colored a deep, opaque carmine, like congealing blood. If its wearer touches his mouth to an open wound, the wounded person will experience a surge of ecstatic, intensely erotic pleasure. When this power is used, the target must make an immediate Temperance check. If she gets even one success, she has managed to suppress her body's reaction and is able to act normally. If not suspicious right from the beginning, then three successes allow her a Perception + Awerness roll for realizeing, that magic was used on her. If she fails, her mind is clouded by pleasure and all her actions for the remainder of the turn are at -2 dice. Also the victim is addicted to the ecstatic feeling and wants more of it. Like every addicted, she is eager to fulfill the wishes of the owner of the Blood-Lust jewel to get her kick, but she is not a fullgrown junky, yet. As a rule of thumb, the longer addicted, the more she would do for her dealer. This means, that the victim is at the beginning not aware of her addiction. To realize it on her own, an Intelligence + Medicine roll with a difficulty of (6 - Temperance of victim) is necessary.

To overcome her addiction she has to make for (essence of the owner of the Blood-Lust jewel)x2 days in a row every day a sussesfull Willpower roll at difficulty 2. A succesfull abstinence does not mean, that the victim automatically knows that unjust was done upon her. The insight of this depends upon how she was treated by her dealer. If one Willpower roll fails, she has to start anew, being "kissed" by the jewel owner or not.

Every time she was "kissed" and fails her Temperance roll, a cumulative -1 is applied on the Willpower dice pool for overcoming the addiction, starting with the second time her temper fails. Of course any days of abstinence are wasted. If no dice remain in the Willpower pool, the victim becomes the ever faithfull slave of the jewel owner doing everything for her. Really everything, even killing herself. If the victim ever botches the Temperance roll, she becomes instantly the faithfull slave. A succesfull Temperance roll allows here to save up any days of abstinence she has cumulated. Three successes additionally remove a -1 penalty from the Willpower pool for overcoming the addiction and a legendary success (5 or more successes) give the victim a Willpower roll, with every success counting as an additional day for overcoming the addiction. If this Willpower roll results in enough successes for overcoming the addiction, the victim is instantly free and knows, that some magic has been done on her.

To use a Willpower point on any Temperance roll the victim has to be suspicious of the owner (and awake, of course). This means, that even a victim trying to overcome her addiction, can be tricked by the jewel owner (e.g. using sex) and therefore not be able to use a Willpower point on her Temperance roll.

Helping an addicted victim is hard, but healing a slave from her state is only possible by magic.

This power may be used while an Abyssal is drinking blood from a victim.


I'm not sure about some things: the power lewel of the hearthstone and the difficulty of the Willpower roll for overcoming the addiction. This is my first hearthstone, so d'ont be to harsh:-)\\ WyldSpawn

It seems like the addiction shouldn't raise the level of the stone above 3, unless it were much more potent than depicted here. As far as the actual mechanics go, I'd suggest looking at the existing rules for addiction. I'm sure Manacle and Coin talks about this in the "drugs" section. I think there's also something in the PG, as a side-note to one of the alchemical potions. The mechanic you have here is a little too involved for me to fully parse it on the first read-through, which leads me to believe that it's too complex.\\ _Ikselam is sorry he did not comment on this earlier.

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