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Hearthstones by Aspect


The Big List of Hearthstones

Gem of the Calm Heart (Fire) Exalted
Stone of Healing (Wood) Exalted
Gem of Visitations (Water) Aspect:Air
Stone of Earth's Blood (Earth) Aspect:Air
Stone of the Spider's Eye (Air) Aspect:Air
Hardened Spirit Gemstone (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Stone of Humble Glory (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Jewel of Fire Sense (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Oathstone (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Memory Stone (Air) Caste:Night
Gem of Deep Meditation (Earth) Caste:Twilight
Eye of the First Goat (Earth) Caste:Zenith
Jewel of the Flying Heart (Air) Caste:Zenith
Stone of the Emerald Rooster (Wood) Caste:Zenith
Gem of the Noble Brook (Water) Caste:Zenith
Gem of Echoes (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Holiness (Air) Bo3C
Stone of Quick Thought (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Dignity (Earth) Bo3C
Gemstone of Synchronicity (Earth) Bo3C
Stone of Breath (Earth) Bo3C
Stone of Comfort (Earth) Bo3C
Fire Gem (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Night Vision (Fire) Bo3C
Stone of Circulation (Fire) Bo3C
Stone of Passion (Fire) Bo3C
Stone of the Light Sleeper (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Injury Sense (Water) Bo3C
The Labrynthine Eye (Water) Bo3C
Lullaby Stone (Water) Bo3C
The Farmer's Stone (Wood) Bo3C
Stone of Shelter (Wood) Bo3C
Stone of the Hunt (Wood) Bo3C
Gem of Starlight (Sidereal) Bo3C
Gem of Water-Walking (Solar) Bo3C
Gemstone of Shadows (Lunar) Bo3C
Life-Drain Stone (Abyssal) Bo3C
Road of Hatred Stone (Abyssal) Bo3C

Salt-Gem of the Spirit's Eye (Earth) Exalted
Jewel of Hungry Fire (Fire) Exalted
Scintillating Gem of Ally's Embrace (Wood) Aspect:Air
Wavecrest Awareness Gem (Water) Aspect:Air
Gemstone of the Brother's Bond (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Kata Sculpting Gem (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Blazing Soul Shard (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Prism of Focused Passion (Fire) Aspect:Fire
The Monkey Stone (Wood) Caste:Dawn
The Bloodstone (Water) Caste:Dawn
Jewel of the Graceful Courtier (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Merchant's Jewel (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Stone of the Earthweb (Earth) Caste:Night
Mind Cleansing Gem (Air) Caste:Twilight
Purifying Mercy Stone (Air) Caste:Twilight
Blood Purifying Gem (Water) Caste:Twilight
Fountain-Summoning Stone (Water) Caste:Twilight
Jewel of Youthful Suppleness (Wood) Caste:Twilight
Jewel of the Clever Merchant (Air) Caste:Zenith
Gemstone of Surface Thoughts (Air) Bo3C
Mind-Shield Stone (Air) Bo3C
Stone of First Impressions (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Perfection (Earth) Bo3C
Gemstone of Deep Drink (Earth) Bo3C
Kill-Hand Gem (Earth) Bo3C
Sphere of Balance (Earth) Bo3C
Spider's Eye Stone (Earth) Bo3C
Gem of Seduction (Fire) Bo3C
Gemstone of Last Resort (Fire) Bo3C
The Sentinel's Stone (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Acclimation (Water) Bo3C
Gem of Omens (Water) Bo3C
Gem of Tears to Poison (Water) Bo3C
Stone of Recognition (Water) Bo3C
Stone of Blood Inviolate (Wood) Bo3C
The Stone of Empty Knife (Wood) Bo3C
Stone of Mending Flaws (Wood) Bo3C
Survival Stone (Wood) Bo3C
Gem of False Death (Sidereal) Bo3C
Snakeskin Stone (Lunar) Bo3C
Flawed Gem (Abyssal) Bo3C
Gem of Shadow (Abyssal) Bo3C

Windhands Gemstone (Air) Exalted
The Freedom Stone (Water) Exalted
Key of Mastery (Air) Aspect:Air
Crystal Venom Jewel (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Precision of Form Gemstone (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Fire Dragon's Scale (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Gem of White Heat (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Liquid Fire Cabochon (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Stone of Aquatic Prowess (Water) Caste:Dawn
Jewel of Stability (Earth) Caste:Dawn
Gem of Wise Discernment (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Jewel of Whispers (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Stone of Temperance (Unknown) Caste:Eclipse
Wind Jewel (Air) Caste:Night
Jewel of the Rabbit's Sword (Lunar) Caste:Zenith
Sphere of the Revolutionary Dog (Fire) Caste:Zenith
Sphere of Courtesan's Constellation (Solar) Caste:Zenith
Gemstone of the White Jade Tree (Earth) Caste:Zenith
Gem of Elemental Travel (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Forgetting (Air) Bo3C
Stone of Judgement (Earth) Bo3C
Discord Stone (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of the Burning House (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Desire (Water) Bo3C
Gemstone of Spoken Language (Water) Bo3C
Gemstone of Entrance (Wood) Bo3C
Gemstone of Mental Health (Wood) Bo3C
Stone of the Sure Path (Wood) Bo3C
Gem of Grace (Solar) Bo3C
Gem of Wakefulness (Sidereal) Bo3C
Stone of Dream Entrance (Lunar) Bo3C
The Death-Speech Gemstone (Abyssal) Bo3C
Stone of Decay (Abyssal) Bo3C

Gem of Adamant Skin (Earth) Exalted
Seacalm Gemstone (Water) Exalted
Savant's Icy Eye (Air) Aspect:Air
Twice Striking Lightning Prism (Air) Aspect:Air
Gem of Inner Purity (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Battle Fire Ruby (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Bright Eye of the Fire Dragon (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Pearl of Wisdom (Water) Aspect:Fire
Stone of Airwalking (Air) Caste:Dawn
Stone of Final Rest (Earth) Caste:Twilight
Bloody Eyed Burning Jewel (Fire) Caste:Twilight
Stone of Healer's Flower (Wood) Caste:Zenith
Jewel of the Monkey's Finger (Lunar) Caste:Zenith
Gem of Youth (Solar) RuinsRathess
Stone of the Golden Bier (Solar) RuinsRathess
The Superintendent's Stone (Fire) RuinsRathess
Gem of Queen's Breath (Wood) RuinsRathess
The Hearthstone of Xaal (Lunar) KingHalta
Lightning Rod Gemstone (Air) Bo3C
Stone of Easy Breath (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Safe Harvest (Earth) Bo3C
Stone of Refuge (Earth) Bo3C
Stone of Blood to Fire (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Masks (Water) Bo3C
Gem of Youth (Water) Bo3C
Stone of Gender Transformation (Water) Bo3C
Gem of Memory Will (Wood) Bo3C
Dream-Stone (Sidereal) Bo3C
Gemstone of Wild Life (Lunar) Bo3C
Seven Leaping Dragons Stone (Solar) Bo3C
Death-Sense Stone (Abyssal) Bo3C
The Ice-Blade Gem (Abyssal) Bo3C

Gem of Sapphire and Emerald (Earth) Exalted
Gem of Incomparable Wellness (Wood) Exalted
Third Hand Orb (Air) Aspect:Air
Iron Soul Stone (Earth) Aspect:Earth
Fire Eating Rock (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Jewel of the Blazing Gate (Fire) Aspect:Fire
Gem of Perfect Mobility (Fire) Caste:Dawn
Firebird Gem (Fire) Caste:Twilight
Stone of Solar Leadership (Solar) RuinsRathess
Hearthstone of the Invisible Fortress (Unknown) TimeTumult
Stone of Memory Capture (Air) Bo3C
Gem of Immortality (Earth) Bo3C
Gem of Bones to Fire (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Legendary Leadership (Fire) Bo3C
Gem of Sleep (Water) Bo3C
Song of Life Stone (Wood) Bo3C
Stone of Loyalty (Wood) Bo3C
Gem of Madness (Lunar) Bo3C
Gem of Sorcery (Solar) Bo3C
Guardian Gem (Sidereal) Bo3C
Scrying Stone (Sidereal) Bo3C
Gem of the Night Sky (Abyssal) Bo3C
The Withering Gem (Abyssal) Bo3C


Wow. Apparently, I've forgotten how to format. I'll fix this travesty in the morning. Comment, corrections, and suggestions on assigning the unknown stones appreciated, but I can hardly blame you all for waiting until they're formatted. For now, sleep!

EDIT: Outcastes and Savant and Sorceror remain. Also, some stones are duplicated, in name, and some in function. Pruning of this list along with assigning aspects to untyped stones, and a short description of each stone will be somewhere in the future.

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