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Hearthstone Relay


  • The first person in each relay archives the old page and decides on a new theme.
  • The second person then comes up with a one-dot hearthstone for that theme.
  • The third, fourth and fifth people then come up with two, three and four dot hearthstones, respectively.
  • The sixth person comes up with a five dot hearthstone, archives the old page, and decides a new theme. Thus, the wheel of wiki life turns afresh.

The 50th theme is Our Furry Friends

Friend to All Living Things Gem NotSteve
Wood Manse 1
Trigger: Ability Check

This leaf-green emerald has a small tuft of fur at the very center. When a person attunes to it, they become an object of worship for small animals, who trail behind them everywhere they go. Small birds will flutter joyfully around their head, singing, while cute squirrels and bunnies frolic at their feet. Stranger creatures will be called by the stone in the more wild areas of creation, but only the cutest and most adorable specimens will ever be found around the bearer. The net result of this picturesque display of nature's love is that the bearer gains a one-die bonus in social combat against anyone with a intimacy towards nature or the natural world, as well as looking sickeningly cute at all times.

The bearer of this hearthstone also gains one success on Survival rolls to find food in Creation.

Stag's Bounty Stone FrivYeti
Wood Manse 2
Trigger: Reflexive

This Hearthstone comes in the form of a deep greenish-brown square, rounded at the edges, with a surface like rippled grass. Anyone attuned to it takes on a small piece of the stag's aspect. As long as she is attuned, she may safely consume any form of vegetation without penalty, and can get all of her nutrients by doing so.

Stone of the Riling Heart Paincake
Fire Manse 3
Trigger: Spend 4 Motes
Duration: Scene

The jewel is in the shape of a dull red lump of melted glass; activation lends it a pulsing beat that forces the heartbeats of nearby animals into sync. When this stone is activated, you may enrage a horde of small animals, a handful of larger beasts, or one titanic creature, such as a tyrant lizard or siaka. This action is not obvious; you don't even have to be looking at or aware of the animal life, and may be physically restrained. The animals rampage as normal; a rich pasha's tame lions would run amok, a foraging bear would charge; cattle stampede, horses throw and stamp upon their riders (If it's a loyal beast, it merely throws the rider and attacks anyone nearby if that is in its nature as a war mount; if any checks are made to control the animal the critter gains +2 to its MDV). However, if the animal is inclined to ferocity, on a roll of 7 or higher on a d10, the creature is particularly fierce, fleeing only to preserve its life. (Siaka will attack boats, bears invade homes, warhorses corner soldiers) This unnatural aggression does not extend to the bearer of the stone. The animal's response to them will be totally normal for that animal. A bird will fly away, a mean camel will spit at them, a siaka might attack or might not and so on.

Luna’s Least Gift Veet
Lunar Manse 4
Trigger: Touch or Thought

This stone has within it a spark of Luna’s protean essence and allows the holder to transfer that to their most trusted companions. Programmed into each of these stones is 8 dots worth of mutations that the holder of the stone may apply to their familiars at a cost of 1 mote per mutation. The holder must touch the familiar to bestow the mutations upon it unless the familiar has it’s own mote pool (such as motes granted by the familiar background at rank 3) then the holder may spend the motes from that mote pool and the mutations can be applied from up to the familiar rating x 100 yards away.

Name Author
(Blank) Manse 5

What it does.


Haha, with the one dot.. do they get a +1 to survival because they *eat* the cute little animals? P.s., my experience with exalted dicepools and rules has waned of late. If my stone is badly formatted, please help me by inserting a number here or a trait there. Thanks. Paincake

Maaaybe :). NotSteve
You may want to play with the difficulty a little perhaps changing it to a contested roll with the highest willpower animal. As it is currently written you would be looking at a difficultly 4 roll on a pool that would average 5 to 7 for a starting character to get horses or bears to react, if you consider an average roll for an exalt is 1/2 the dice pool successes this would be a very difficult stone to even activate. not mention if there was a mammoth or great cat present you would have a difficulty 6 roll. Veet
I would even get rid of the roll and replace it with a cap on the actual mass of animals affected. A whole lot of small furry things, five or six horses, or one tyrant lizard, or suchlike. I also edited for readability without altering content. - Han'ya

I don't like my stone, I am modifying it. - Paincake

Finally thought of one to attempt to get this ball rolling again. - Veet

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