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These are the jewels of power designed by IFoundSquirrels. Comments welcome!


Neverdrown Opal

Air Manse •••
Trigger: Taking one deep breath

This is a three-dot adaptation of Telgar's Breathless Gem. Work very much in progress. Comments welcome!

This perfect sphere, light-blue and opaque in color, appears to be hollow. As it turns against the light, green, silver, and purple opalescence shimmers over it. While it is attuned, the bearer need never worry about breathing: the stone sends trickles of Air Essence into her lungs, allowing her to hold her breath indefinitely.






Sun's Shadow Lens

Solar Manse •••
Trigger: Being in a hostile environment unknown to Creation

This stone is a perfect sphere of glass, dark like obsidian but night-blue instead of black, with the same fading translucency toward the edges. Anything seen through it, though dimmed by its dark glass, appears as if lit with brilliant golden sunlight. While the stone is set in a hearthstone socket, the bearer can spend one mote per hour to make it well with golden light. Within (bearer's Essence) yards of the bearer, faint golden light rims people's vision: energies of Creation suffuse the area, defining outlands with shadows cast by sunlight. Wyld zones decrease one level in ferocity, and difficulty to survive in other places is decreased by 4 or halved, whichever is less.


The Tattoo Stone

Lunar Manse •••••
Trigger: Being the target of a Shaping effect

This stone resembles a rough chunk of dark basalt, etched with intricate swirls of slowly-flowing silver; the swirls take different patterns for every different bearer. When it is attuned, the stone outlines its bearer's wrists, throat, heart, and calves with moonsilver tattoos much like those of a Lunar Exalt. This process takes ten minutes and is quite painful--the bearer feels the tattoo-needles, taking a -2 wound penalty (in addition to whatever else she may be suffering) for the duration. The stone never provides any special concealment for these tattoos, and until it is set in a hearthstone socket, it has no further effects. Once socket-set, however, the stone provides its user with an automatic perfect defense against external Shaping effects, just like a tattooed Lunar.