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Talons of the Wyld
Glamour sorcery - Dream Circle Spell (Level 3 Artifact)


  • Assumption of Elemental Shape (Fire) (One mutation point) - A pair of razor claws made of glass filled with flame
  • Heart-Stealing Kiss (One mutation point) - Each strike drains the virtue of its target
  • Grace of the Infinite Spheres (Four mutation points) - The blades move like the sandstorms of the South: quick and brutal
  • Defining the Parameters of Battle (One mutation point) - The Sword empowers the blades, making them sharp

Shaping Combat Stats:
Spd +6 Acc +1 Dmg +8 Def +1 Rate 5

Crafted from the Cup Grace of an Eclipse during the First Age, the razor claws known as the Talons of the Wyld are truly a sight to behold. Made of the purest of crystal, the claws are filled with flames pulled from the Elemental Pole of Fire itself, rippling and burning with abandon. Jairika, the Artisan who currently holds them in her possession, rarely makes use of them, but the threat of her doing so causes even some Warriors pause.

For each strike made by the claws, the Raksha's player may roll a feeding grace to drain a dot of a Virtue or Willpower equal to the number of successes on the roll. This will not affect creatures whose Willpower+Essence exceeds the Raksha's Willpower. While the spell is active, the Raksha may spend a mote to a gossamer to parry either a Sword- or Staff-shaping action OR any mortal attack with their full dice pool, adding six bonus successes to the roll, even if the attack it normally unblockable; the mortal attack, however, can only be parried thusly if the Raksha's Stamina is greater than the target's Wits+Essence. Finally, the Raksha may split his action up to five times without incurring multiple attack penalties.


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