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Description: Heart of Many Desires appears as a man of impeccable style and stunning appearance, with flame-red hair, bronze-colored eyes and pale white skin. He wears rugged travelling clothes, although the fabric seems to be made by weaving strands of inspiration and song. At his side is an ornate knife and a velvet pouch at the belt, and sitting next to him is a lantern.

Name: Heart of Many Dreams
Nature: Conniver
Caste: Luminary
Court: Lapis

Str: 3
Dex: 6
Sta: 4

Cha: 7
Man: 6
App: 6

Per: 6
Int: 6
Wit: 5

Athletics 4
Larceny 4
Linguistics 3 (Old Realm; Riverspeak, Firetongue, High Realm)
Occult 2
Stealth 3
Craft (Glamour) 4
Performance 4 (Juggling +2)
Thrown 4
Awareness 2
Dodge 2
Endurance 2
Lore 2

Willpower: 7
Compassion: 4
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 2
Valor: 1

Heart: 3
Cup: 4
Staff: 3
Ring: 2
Sword: 1

Artifact: 2
Birth: 2
Freehold: 4
Gossamer: 3

Ravaging the Created Form
Banquet of Crumbs
Assumption of Elemental Shape (Fire)
Imposition of Law (Charisma+Performance) Mutation
Heart-Cutting Style
Dissonance of Principles
Gladdening Visage
Furiously Stalling Destiny
Thousand Tiny Hooks Technique
Ordinary Object Conjuration<>br

Essence: 3
Pool: 18/30
Committed: 12
HL: -0*1, -1*2, -2*2, -4*1, Incap
Soak: 4B/2L

Name: Crystal Dictum
Type: Waking Circle Spell
Commitment: 3
Charms: AoES (Earth), Undetectable Lie (The person holding these items is a very important man)
Description: A set of four juggling balls, made of what appears to be Chiaroscuran glass

Name: Book of Good Advice
Type: Dream Circle Spell
Commitment: 9
Charms: AoES (Wood), Imposition of Law (Int+Lore)
Description: A small book with a red cover

10-31: 7 gained
11-14: 8 gained
12-12: 8 gained
12-19: 7 gained
2-14: 7 gained, 11 spent (Ring 2, Ordinary Object Conjuration)
2-21: 7 gained