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What's a MUSH? That is, and so are we. Check out telnet://amber.org.uk:9010 using any of the programs described at the linked site, or raw telnet. We're open 24 hours a day, and ST's are active for a surprisingly large proportion of that time. More information will be added here soon!

== To Connect

=== Windows

Download a MUSH client program (MUSH client, SimpleMU or raw telnet). Insert Address: Amber.org.uk , Port- 9010 and type - MUSH.

=== Macintosh

Download a MUSH client program (Savitar or raw telnet). Insert Address: Amber.org.uk , Port - 9010. Learn the basic commands after logging on to the MUSH via the +help command or in the forum in the relevent thread.

== Staff and their contact info

||Staffer Name||Position||E-mail||Instant Messenger||Private Message|| ||Leviathan||Head ST||zeldoggg@yahoo.com||ICQ55722760||Leviathan|| ||Kukla||Plot ST||rehughes@mit.com||Riotgearepsilon||Kukla|| ||Mote||Head Builder||confidential||confidential||Mote|| ||Pirate-Rose||Plot Staff||confidential||confidential||Pirate-Rose|| ||God-Machine Oz||Plot Staff||confidential||confidential||God-Machine Oz||

== Setting

We are based in Greyfalls and stretch to about a thousand miles in every direction. We use canon, with one major metaplot twist - Lookshy is in open war with the Mask of Winters now. Also, we took the liberty of planning and building the third COTI base in the vicinity of Greyfalls, exact location unknown to player-base.
We play Greyfalls, Barbarians, Villages, Shadowland, and Cult of the Illuminated.
Important note - We don't allow celestial exalts on character generation; one must earn his exaltation in-game and prove himself to be a contributing and consistent player to be granted one.

== Application Policies

Click here for info.

== Forum

We have a staging forum for our MUSH, where we debate and discuss various rules, custom artifacts, hearthstones and charms, and announce meta-plot events. Enjoy our forum!

== House Rules

A MUSH environment is a different beast from tabletop. There's no single ST to defer to, the population of players is enormous, and the flow of time is entirely relative. Thus, we've made certain alterations to the base rules, some out of necessity, some out of personal preference of the staff, Click here to see them.

== Storyteller Tools

Tools and writing our staff can use to help run scenes off the cuff. Click here.