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So yeah, apparantly I have a page. I'm going to read the Guide so I can get my ass as Wiki-fied as some of the other Masters of Das Wiki and some of the Initiates of El Wikitron.

So to tell you all a bit about myself, my name is Matt Swalm, I live in the United Province of Canadia, where we live in thatched roofed igloos and have to fight off Trogdor, Pengiuns, and many other such characters. I'm 16 and I've been playing Exalted since it came out. It's actually the first system I ever learned. I'm a ninja, and I'm totally kickass at my job. My main hobbies are chilling out, relaxing, chillaxing, RP'in with my homies, cooking, reading, and making fun of my history teacher for being unable to teach the class at an 11th grade level... which is what he should be able to do. I hope that I can become an English or History teacher in High School, and I want to reach a new generation of kids... but not in the Michael Jackson-y way... that's just creepy.

And on the Fourms, my name's KrakkAddikt, because I'm addicted to having Krakken Familiars.

Any help that the Masters and Initiates can give would be greatly appreciated by the Ninja of the North.

BuddhasFist/ExaltedNinjaSchool My campaign which I'm running right now. Full of new monstrosities like Shades. It's a messed up setting but hey, I like it.

BuddhasFist/AlchemicalDexterity I've just got the one Charm at the moment, Dissolvegirl asked for a Morph Ball Charm, so here it is...