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Description: Jairika is a figure whose perfection cannot be described with human language. Shaped from glass similar to that of her home, she stands seven feet tall; her features are elongated, with fingers more like knitting needles than normal digits. She wears robes seemingly spun from the concept of creation itself: vibrant, lively, warm...almost comforting.

Name: Jairika
Nature: Architect
Caste: Artisan
Court: Lapis

Str: 4
Dex: 5
Sta: 4

Cha: 5
Man: 5
App: 6

Per: 6
Int: 7
Wit: 6

Lore 5
Martial Arts 3
Medicine 7
Performance 3
Resistance 3
Awareness 4
Craft (Glamour) 7 (Behemoths +3)
Craft (Genesis) 7
Presence 4
Athletics 3
Dodge 3
Integrity 2
Linguistics 3 (Old Realm; High, River, Fire)
Occult 3

Willpower: 7
Compassion: 4
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 4
Valor: 2

Heart: 4
Cup: 5
Staff: 3
Ring: 5
Sword: 3

Birth: 4
Freehold: 3
Gossamer: 4
Retinue 2

Assumption of Dreams and Passions (Creation)
Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air)
Unwanted Obsession Provocation Technique
Sovereign Elemental Shape
Elemental Weaving Style
Elemental Evocation
Essence Disrobing Passion
Ravaging the Created Form
Banquet of Crumbs
Soul-Carving Artiface
Extruded Stomach Feeding
Heaven Rains Wisdom
Unsightly Rigor Approach
Wyld Prince Resilience
Manacles of Virtue
Chaotic Soul Sledgehammer
Torn Spirit Mending Technique
Oneiromantic Conjuration
Imposition of Law (Int+Craft(Glamour)(Behemoths)) Mutation
Bastion of the Self (Sword)
Ill-Approving Eyes
Writhing Ego Evasion
Swallowed Grace Defense
Essence-Forging Art
Awakened Dream Manufacture
Forging the (Grace) Grace
Gossamer-Forging Art
Shape-Forged Servant
Gaping Virtue Mouth
Translucent Dream-Sheathing Technique
Wyld-Curdling Attack
Pouncing Dream Harmony
Ox-Body Technique (-1, -2)
Ordinary Object Conjuration
Crafter's Arsenal
Principle of Worlds
Tainted Creature Command
Forging the Arcane Redoubt
Great Works of the Sword
Unshaped Sword Transformation
Behemoth-Forging Method
Host-Summoning Glory of Command
Transient Work of Flesh and Bone
Sundering the Gates of Death

Essence: 6
Pool: 51/60
Committed: 9
HL: -0*1, -1*3, -2*3, -4*1, Incap
Soak: 4B/2L

Name: Flame of the Wyld
Type: Desire Circle Spell
Commitment: 9
Charms: AoES (Fire), Heart-Stealing Kiss, Grace of the Infinite Spheres, Imposition of Law (Dexterity+Martial Arts (Razor Claws)), Defining the Parameters of Battle
Description: A pair of razor claws made of glass filled with flame

Various and sundry behemoths as needed. >.>