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Subject: [DEV] Quick Sidereal Errata g_c_grabowski - 10/02/2003 09:20:33 -

Mistakes: (Oops.)

Essence is CR x 9, same as the Lunars. Never get to the point where you internalize something so much you realize you've never articulated it.

As well as letting you make a mortal seer's readings about you come up any way you please, the Stab the Seer's Eye effect (pg 231, House of Secrets, College of the Treasure Trove) also allows you to get the file number(s) of any Sidereal astrologies on an individual for the cost of 1 effect point per individual appraised. This is stated on page 213 in the boxed text but never detailed.

Efficient Secretary Technique can get you the name of the Sidereal who actually executed each astrological effect (one activation per effect) but characters will have to actually go consult the documents at the Forbidding Manse of Ivy to get anything more, even College and scope. Also, of course, you can just go to the Manse and look up an individual's effects without astrological intervention -- Stab the Seer's Eye is a field appraisal tool.

Characters who go to the Forbidding Manse can see a fascimile of the actual prayer including all cosignitories and the countersigntory, the quality of the character's penmanship, and other embarassing truths about the effects. Even effects created without a prayer strip are receipted by the spiders. Access to the records is tracked, and most of the good effects are in addition under seal by various conventions or the Maidens themselves.

Quick clarification:

The "themselves" it refers to in the College of the Mask is the Sidereals as a group. Ascending and descending effects of the College of the Mask no longer work on *any* Sidereals. Not you, not others, not Sidereals as a group.

Geoffrey C. Grabowski\\ Exalted Developer, WWGS\\

I would feel a lot more like the man if I hadn't just forgotten Essence on the XP table in a hardback supplement, though if you use the Solar one, oh no, the character saves 9 xp over his lifetime.

Geoffrey C. Grabowski\\ Exalted Developer, WWGS\\

Essence is raised at CR x some value. The book is explicit* that CR is the rating you are raising *from*.

Page 270, second column, second paragraph, and yes I obviously know they do it different in the office across the hall.

Essence from 2 to 3: CR x 8 16 CR x 9 18 (2)

Essence from 3 to 4 CR x 8 24 CR x 9 27 (3)

Essence from 4 to 5 CR x 8 32 CR x 9 36 (4)

Total: 9

Geoffrey C. Grabowski\\ Exalted Developer, WWGS\\