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Nephilpal - 04/26/2005 17:20

The compendium is a diseased place.


This is kind of ... snarky. And Neph himself has mentioned that wikifying those of his comments that aren't about stuff he's personally written is unnecessary and misleading.

I dunno. I mean, I'm not saying we have to take it down, not that I could. It just seems to me that this kind of gratuitous snippiness is exactly what we don't need.
~ Shataina

You know, as long as the wiki has to have these crazy shrines to everything the writers say, we may as well enshrine it when they're buttheads too.

It provides perspective.

That isn't to say that I find the social environment of EC to be particularly pleasant, but, really. We can't continually pretend that these people are just sources of writing. They're people, who make faux pas and say things without thinking and run games that I would never want to play in in a million year. I think it's important to remember that. - willows

Heh! You make a good point.
~ Shataina
Saying this at about the same time as the comment in question...Well, he is pretty much right. I'd found the Compendium before this Wiki, and noticed a considerable difference. There is a fair bit of good stuff, but little activity and not very useful forums. It seemed somewhat better organizd however, in some area's. -FlowsLikeBits, stll not a reason to be snarky though
You need a reason to be snarky? ^_^ You learn far more about a person from his flaws than you do his virtues. - Moxiane

The EC is kind of broken. Submitting stuff and logging in has problems that occur often. I like the forum, though. It's more useful to me in that sense than this place. - Andrew02

I have to agree with Neph. It is a diseased place. The organization and layout are terrible, and it's impossible to find anything. Once you do, you realize that the community there is really rather horrid, full of flaming, people-bashing, one-true-wayisms, and a cult of personality around the site's founder. — Mapache

Yeah! Here, we only flame people that are wrong! Arafelis is offering crackers and applejuice at today's Divinity of Borgstrom Meeting.
I concur -- OhJames, getting ready to twitch in religious ecstasy at said meeting.
"Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody / But I couldn't keep it to myself / What RSB has done for meeeeee...." --MF, singing the gospel
Damn. They must hide that Yoshi-worship damned well, because I go there multiple times per day and I don't see it. It's really not so bad. I go there, and I get flamed less there than I do here. Swear to God. - Andrew02
What goes on at those meetings, anyway? I imagine a bunch of people in victorian attire sitting on giant lemons discussing the bitterness of life. -MeiRen
"Unfortunately no-one can be told what the Borgstrom is. You have to see it for yourself." - Moxiane
Isn't it all rather moot anyway? The EC finally upped and died. Edward_Fortune