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Nephilpal - 10/13/2003 18:54:44

10 Possibilities that immediately jump to mind for permanent Charm effects:

  1. Enhanced natural soak. Adds your Essence to BThus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/A soak.
  2. Immunity / Resistance to disease or poison.
  3. Heal Rate modifier.
  4. A Charm that burns a mote and automatically activates like SAM whenever you touch a lesser creature of darkness (First Circle Demons, walking dead, ghosts). This causes your anima to jump to the full aura level with a bright flash and inflicts your Essence in dice of aggravated damage to the target. If multiple beings touch you, you must spend motes to burn each. This only affects the same being onceper turn, although sustained contact will continue draining motes until the creature is destroyed.
  5. A Presence Charm that gives you a permanent die bonus equal to your Essence - the Essence of your target (or highest Essence if addressing a crowd of magical beings).
  6. Athletics Charms that increase the maximum you can raise your Physical Attributes with XP. This lets you buy superhuman bodies without superhuman Essence.
  7. An Endurance Charm, Blazing Soul Discipline, that lets you store 10 additional Peripheral motes per purchase in a separate "Radiant Spirit" pool. You can take the Charm a number of times equal to your permament Essence. This pool regains a number of motes equal to the Solar's permanent Essence each day at noon, provided that the Solar has a full Personal and Peripheral pool and is not in the Underworld, Malfeas, Autocthonia or another realm outside the dominion of Creation. No other means can restore motes to the Radiant Spirit pool.
  8. Charms that permanently expand or improve anima abilities. The Zenith Presence Charm reduces the Essence cost of an anima flare attack by the Exalt's permanent Essence (to a minimum of one mote) and allows the character to burn corpses in line of sight with a gesture instead of a touch. The Eclipse Charm allows oaths to be sanctified with a gesture instead of a touch.
  9. Transcendent (Ability) Prowess. Characters can purchase this Charm once for any Caste or Favored Ability, reducing the difficulty of all rolls involving that Ability by 2 (minimum difficulty 1). Must have a rating of 5 in the ability and Essence 3.
  10. A high-Essence Occult Charm (Essence 5?) that grants you the effects of Sorcerer's Sight at all times.


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