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Nephilpal. posted 07 Jun 2005 20:15 Zulu

Lunars suffer from a condition some call Charm-cloud, wherein a given tree wanders through a range of attributes. Because Lunars cannot favor Attributes and only have their in-caste trio, this results in Lunars being forced to buy many Charms at out-of-Caste costs to get to the in-Caste Charms they want.

Alchemicals can favor Attributes, and their trees are both shallower and wander less, so you can take any one tree completely favored if you so wish.

Regarding organization: the Charms are divided into broad categories of function the same as Lunars are. However, the shallower trees and emphasis on submodules makes it look cleaner.

In short, Alchemicals had the luxury of building on everything we learned from Lunars, much as Abyssals built on what we learned since Solars.

Question / Comment / Suggestion

With the knowledge you now have, what changes would you suggest to bring Lunars more in line with Alchemicals? Specific changes or just general ideas would be appreciated - SagaciousAscendingHero (also if I'm just blind and you have a section on this; slap me, call me an idiot and kindly show me where)

I don't think Neph reads this wiki that often, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't reply. I've certainly never seen such a reply. However, if you post this question on the WW forums (if/when they ever come back) he might get it there. Or you could try his LJ, which I can't remember the address of, sadly, but I think it's linked from MartialArts/BurningScytheStyle somewhere. If you do get an answer, please post it here ^_^
-- Darloth

His livejournal name is in fact Nephilpal, though he hasn't posted there since october, however when you post a comment to someone post it does e-mail them telling them about it. - Blackedout