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For anyone interested in moving the rest over, they can be found here.

Full Moon

LunarTotems/Bat, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Bear, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Dog, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Fish, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Fox, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Frog, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Jaguar, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Gazelle, by Etrangere
LunarTotems/Horse, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Hyena, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Hummingbird, by Kai Tave
LunarTotems/Octopus, Catatonik
LunarTotems/Scorpion, Catatonik
LunarTotems/Sloth, by Catatonik

Changing Moon

LunarTotems/Albatross, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Cat, by Etrangere
LunarTotems/Centipede, by Patkin
LunarTotems/Coyote, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Crane, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Cuckoo, by Stranger
LunarTotems/Deer, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Goat, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Moose, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Peacock, by Stranger
LunarTotems/Platypus, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Rabbit, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Rat, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Swan, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Weasel, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Wolf, by Mailanka

No Moon

LunarTotems/Crab, by Stranger
LunarTotems/Crocodile, by Kid_Cabron
LunarTotems/Cow, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Elephant, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Jaguar2, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Lion, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Magpie, by Kid_Cabron
LunarTotems/Manta Ray, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Narwhal, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Panther, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Parrot, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Octopus2, by OhJames
LunarTotems/Owl, by Catatonik
LunarTotems/Raven, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Scarab, by Mailanka
LunarTotems/Snake, by Stranger
LunarTotems/Spider, by ???
LunarTotems/Vulture, by Patkin


LunarTotems/Ermine, by Haku
LunarTotems/Rhinoceros, by Kid_Cabron