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This is I. My name is Patkin (as far as you know), I'm currently on the last legs of my 20th year living on the west coast of Florida. I've found that I live like a hermit, and thusly come into contact with other people who play RPGs like Exalted on line only. However, I'm often afflicted with visions of RPG stuff, and would dearly wish to share it with as many people as possible.

So, yeah. That's the start up, I think.



  • LunarTotems : Lunar Exalted totems and their bearers.\

Little Gods

  • Patkin/TeddLazybones : The god of laziness and bureaucratic inefficiency, invigorated by the Age of Sorrows\


Game Info

  • WriterQuotes : Interesting opinions of the developer and writers, freelancers and just plain knowledgable folk.\
  • Characters/ExaltedCensus : A list of all the canon characters. Good for ripping off, replacing, or weaving into personal character plotlines.\



Saw you'd written an "A" so just wanted to say: Welcome to the Lexicon! Look forward to some academic disagreements. :¬) - Voidstate