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Whirlwind Brush Method

Chasing the Sun - Phoenix of the West - Games of Divinity - Cricket and Kestrel - To Live Is To Die

This page is dedicated to writing Exalted stories in an extemporaneous, round-robin style. This is not a play-by-post game; it falls squarely in the realm of fan fiction. Anyone can jump in, subject to certain restrictions; the more, the merrier. If you like what you see (or even if you don't, and think you could do better) participate! You don't need to be James Joyce or Charles Dickens, you just need to be capable of writing 10-20k (bytes, not words) of plaintext in ten days or less. No one will judge you harshly if your work is not professional-grade; if they do, I'll send ninjas to assassinate them. If we all work together, we can make this neat and fun.


11/07/04: Better late than never-- the latest chapter of PotW is up for your viewing pleasure. -dissolvegirl

9/30/04: That was a bad idea. Poorly thought out and eventually abandoned. Sorry for wasting your time, folks. My next offering will be better considered. - Seraph

8/12/04: After the most painful (figuratively and literally) case of writer's block over a paragraph, chapter 8 is up. A thousand apologies for the wait. --SandJack

7/13/04: OK, guys, I know WBM is slow, but maybe this will do some good. I wanna start a new thread. It will be called Of Two Evils, as a preliminary title. It needs more characters... hell, more everything, so if you're interested, sign up! -- Seraph

7/07/04: Hey, boys and girls, we've got open queues in all stories. If you want to sign up, the time is now! Newcomers and old-timers alike are encouraged to throw in their hats!



Titles of currently active stories. Click the chapters to read them; click the title for the series' general info and discussion page.

Chasing the Sun

A Solar deals with the consequences of a past that he does not fully comprehend.

Phoenix of the West

A young Solar with a shadowy past goes on a quest to rescue his adopted sister from a Dragon-Blooded scientist.

Games of Divinity

a Divine Drama of Gods, and Exalts and the Deathlords set around the events of newborn Solar Cailus-Zael Lightbringer.

Cricket and Kestrel

A Bronze Faction Sidereal falls in love with the Solar he was sent to manipulate, and tries to protect her from his brethren.

The Sixth Element (Alternate Universe)

  1. Chapter 1: Barflies by SandJack
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Brother's Blood

Through the manipulations of a fallen Sidereal and a Deathlord, a troubled young Sidereal is brought into conflict with his brother, now an Abyssal Exalt. Unless averted by those who love them both, tragedy, for the brothers and all Creation, is inevitable.

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Sign up is unnecessary for these projects. Read their descriptions for more details.

To Live Is To Die

  1. A Beast's Tale, Part 1, by JonathanWalton.

Fables Of Creation

  1. The Farmer and the Fox, by EndlessChase
  2. The Wolves in the Wood, by Seraph

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