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Stuff and Things

Oh my, I seem to have a page. Just in case I suddenly suffer from inspiration, you know. Miscelaneous things may materialise from time to time. Anyway: I'm a gamer and an archaeology student based in London, England. Exalted is my 'main' game, and the only one I run (or would even consider running). I like to pretend I have a fair knowlege of the setting and system.


13th April 05 Have put up a section on Dragon Kings . It currently contains my rulings on their magical powers, and a request for help on Dark Paths. It may be modified later to link to all the Dragon King stats which should appear on this site when I stop being lazy about such things.
Also added a small Dawn Caste shaped rant, which should probably be ignored.

Crunchy Things

I've done a little playing with the system, although mostly in a theoretical way; I haven't applied the changes I've thought about, which are mostly to certain abilities (linguistics does not use a system I like very much at all; martial arts is bemusing to me and I keep wanting to make small changes to it). I may detail my ideas on this here. Also, hearthstones and artefacts may surface here, as well as a few ideas on random things and the occasional rant.

System Queries / Rulings / Mods

  • House Rules : A basic list of the house-rules I use or intend to use in games. Explainations of why might be around somewhere else on my pages; this is just the mechanics.
  • Linguistics : more of a query about it than actual house rules, but does include some ideas about (and requests for help about) modifying the ability.
  • I considered placing information on Martial Arts here, but Quilone seems to be taking this and running with it; I'll simply link to any information he puts up as it appears, as he's looking into this in a lot of depth so a brief overview from me seems like a waste. He has yet to write anything up but it sounds like it'll be interesting when it appears. Stuff to come on Martial Arts for mortals, for the most part.
  • Dawn Caste : AKA Why Vervain Hates the Dawn Caste.


  • Realm Transition : thoughts on the Old Realm - Shogunate - New Realm transition.


I'm currently working on the following:

  • Day of the Dead, with Dissolvegirl, although most of the stuff on the page at the moment is hers, not mine; my contribution is the information on Gethamane, the Haslanti League, and the Haltan Republic. More to come shortly, I hope.
  • Visions of Glory : a tabletop Solar Exalted & Dragon King game centred around Rathess and the interaction the characters have had with the city and each other in times past. It's not going terribly well, partly my fault, partly the fault of scheduling, partly down to people in general not being focused enough and in-character enough. But such as it is, it's here.
  • River Provice based Martial Arts game for two players. I'm working on setting, currently; a lot of filling in gaps to give (hopefully) a complete-feeling setting for a small area which the characters can explore. Currently designed but not typed up: a criminal organisation and a semi-criminal organisation; two of the westernmost Hundred Kingdoms; a crazy cult. Gotta love crazy cults.


  • Lyra (Night Caste Solar, possibly a former pirate, possibly still a pirate; the world seems uncertain on this point, as is she)
  • Lady Vervain (Twilight Caste Solar, originally from Gethamane but now residing on the edge of a small country ruled by a spirit, who granted her ownership of a manse there in exchange for occasional favours. She believes in knowlege above all else, including her friends and companions, but has learned to care more for people of late.)
  • Nefvarin Teyana (Air-aspected Dragon Blooded from Lookshy, of insanely high breeding for the place. She's a very young member of Gens Nefvarin, but doesn't favour the house's usual line of work, acting as a scout and spy, with little aptitude for mechanics or the occult.)
  • Emerald Willow (Chosen of Secrets. Emerald Willow is more or less still in the making, to be honest; more when the details are in place)
  • Crimson Herald of War (Ok, ok, I forgot to add this character when I initially listed my characters, possibly because I'm still somewhat ashamed of how twinkish she is. Abyssal, necromancer, obscene artifact rating, was made because someone I know was pissed off and wanted a character dead. Don't ask. He told me to twink the character as much as I could on the points I was given. I did as commanded. Heh. Incidentally, the character he wanted dead was a lunar, who went down in a disappointing two hits.)
  • Cathak Alana My character in SJE's Gem City Watch game. Despite the name, she's a heroic mortal, having totally failed to exalt.
  • Character Experiment -- not terribly experimental but I was somewhat curious as to how a similar concept would work out as, essentially, different character-types. The concept I picked to play with is an entertainer-spy (with variations to make it work for the different character types; they ended up diverging quite a bit in terms of backstory). The types I've statted and worked on so far are Solar (night caste, though was almost zenith), Dragon-Blooded (water, again not a terribly clear decision), and Sidereal (serenities, which WAS an easy decision).

Largely Irrelevant Things



  • Dissolvegirl : Main culprit for Day of the Dead (see projects). Provides shameless flattery at seemingly random moments. Very cool person.
  • Quilone : A member of my gaming group, also happens to be my boyfriend.