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Phoenix of the West

Taban is a young Solar who has lost his past - but he must run from it while he tries to chase it down, and his strongest allies are strange and dangerous bedfellows.

  • Type: Normal. Ten-day turnaround time; no special rules. Third-person limited omniscient, past tense, with storyteller narration in present tense.
  • Keywords: Solar, South, Delzahn, adventure, drama.
  • Themes: Loss, duty, secrecy.

Chapter and Queue Listing

  1. Part 1, by FourWillowsWeeping. (Notes)
  2. Part 2, by Ikselam (Notes)
  3. Part 3, by Dim, (Notes)
  4. Part 4, by Dissolvegirl, (Notes)
  5. Part 5, by FourWillowsWeeping
  6. Part 6, by CrownedSun (Notes)
  7. Part 7, by dissolvegirl, (Notes)
  8. Part 8, by Ikselam, may show up eventually.