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Mnemosynis, Lurking Storyteller

I've been reading Exalted since the day the Limited Edition hit my local gaming shop's stores. I've only been able to run it since about last year, and I've only been able to actually play in a

game for the last few months. I've played everything from D&D, CoC, Rifts, Shadowrun, all the Wod, and many other, but I have to

say, Exalted is the game I enjoy playing more than any other. Here's to the wonderful people at

WWGS, may there be many supplements to come.


You might notice that I really like starting projects, yet I have a hard time actually finishing stuff.
Such is life.  :P I'll get around to all this stuff again someday.

Mnemosynis/Artifacts -- Things of power. Mnemosynis/Sorcery -- Things of magic. Mnemosynis/Characters -- Things of people. Mnemosynis/Chronicles -- Things of games. Mnemosynis/Fiction -- Things of stories. Mnemosynis/HowToWin -- Things of twinkery. Mnemosynis/TheMakingOf -- Ideas in the making. Mnemosynis/MonkeyExalts -- A new Exalted type! Mnemosynis/MatchOfTheCentury -- The greatest showdown of the Second Age! Dinosaur vs Robot!

The immortal words of Brian Clevinger: "You know what I like about the internet? It lets me watch crazy people fall apart. Like their craziness is some kind of entropic force and the loon has been gracious enough to give us time stamped windows into this process so we can watch it evolve.

I wonder if they ever step back and think, "Whoah. Shit, man, I'm crazy." But it seems more like they're thinking, "YEEARGHBLBLE! It all makes sense, man! Don't you see?!" I dunno. Seems to me most people create their own problems. So, speaking as someone who already knows he's an idiot, I guess it's funny to watch these crazies flail around blaming everyone else in the universe for what they've done to themselves while they spout paranoid diatribes that make Nixon look stable.

It's a train wreck of the psyche. And when it involves strangers, it can be fun to watch. The people are so anonymous, so crazy, they can't be real. I'm a monster for enjoying it. Guilty as charged. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some freak who loves the misery of others -- other than friends and family, but who doesn't love that? I don't spend all day trolling around sites looking for crazies. I've never been to Portal of Evil and I only go to Something Awful because Sosa links me to weird things he finds in their forums every so often. And I don't want to get a flood of e-mails telling me about crazies you've seen, or linking me to your personal favorite crazies. I just like it when I'm minding my own business, perhaps looking up some random factoid, and through six degrees of links, WHAM, I run into some frothing maniac from outta nowhere.

The sad part, to me, is that you know these people just keep on living their life like that. And the whole time, the whole time, they're dumbfounded that everything is so hard for them. Because there are forces at work, man. You don't know! It all makes sense."