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#WoD, on IRC

#WoD serves as a generic chatsite on Internet Relay Chat, currently located at gryphon.magicstar.net, where a number of wiki regulars and other interesting folk hang out and discuss all sorts of interesting things. Despite its name, the place talks about Exalted more than anything else and is also a clearing house of sorts for games. While at any one time, most of the games are likely to be full, new ones start up semi-frequently and if you hang around long enough you'll probably be able to find someone to play with even if only for a one-shot or a short-run game now and again. If you're not familiar with online roleplaying, however, don't fret -- the main thrust of the channel is discussion, and just interacting with various other regulars in the channel. It's a chatroom first, a gaming service third at best;P

a Short History of #WoD
The channel got it's start many years ago, on a completely different server (DALnet, for the curious) and with a different name. #Masq (short for #Masquerade) was a place for people to hang out 7 days a week, more or less all the time, between games that ran on the weekend. The core regulars were my players, but we quickly developed a halo of other people that hung around as well. The channel grew quite large, but eventually the game that gave #Masq it's name (an actual /game/ of V:tM) died out. The channel hung around for a long time, with games taking place in OTHER channels, but eventually we made the move to #WoD...still on DALnet at this time.

The channel lived, grew, shrunk, and even "died out" a few times before being reborn several times. Topics drifted; sometimes it was Vampire, othertimes Wraith, and even other non-WW games all-together. We had periods when a lot of WW freelancers used to hang out there, though such times are pretty far in the past.

We made the move to Magicstar (a server set up for roleplaying games; small and homey) some years ago, when some bored prepubescent hackers were using all kinds of scripts to 'bomb' DALnet into submission. Offline more than it was online, we eventually managed to organize the migration. It was in this latest incarnation of #WoD that existed when the ExaltedWiki got it's started, and slowly but surely (as myself and other regulars got involved in the wiki) people began to find the channel. Now in another 'huge' phase, the channel is larger and more active than other!

A Short FAQ

Q: How do I get involved in this?

A: It's pretty simple! First, you need to get yourself a IRC client -- this is pretty important, so it's listed in the next section. A favorite for any Window's user is mIRC, which you can find easily with a websearch. Anyway, once you've got the client, you'll just install it and pop it in. The details will vary, so the following is for mIRC more than other clients.

Once you're in mIRC, the first thing to pop up is the mIRC Options screen with the Connection tab open. The important bits here are your Nickname (feel free to use your wikiname; MOST of us do), and the IRC network. The /easiest/ way to sign on is to click the pop-down menu next to IRC network and find the Magicstar network listed in it. There will probably only be one server listed at first, in the bar under it, "Magicstar: Random Server". That's fine, for now.

(The other option is, only slightly more advanced, is to click Ok once you fill in your name and nickname and such. Find the tab on the mIRC window that's left open, and click it. That opens up your Status window; there's a place for you to type at the bottom. Type "/server gryphon.magicstar.net" (without the quotes) and press enter. That'll get you started signing up!)

Either method you use, you'll end up with a lot of beeping and an open server window in front of you. Just type /join #WoD.

There you are!

Q: Who is in charge? How is the channel managed?

A: My preferred answer to that question is that nobody is 'in charge', except perhaps "all the regulars" (those that have been in the channel for a while, or are just known to other regulars). However, there are a few people who are more in charge than others. The maintainer of this page, CrownedSun (hi!), is the founder of the channel and the ultimate figure. I'm NOT the most active member, though, and I keep a fairly hand's off approach to running things. If you need help, and I'm not available, other "important folk" include Telgar, First_Murderer, or haren.

Q: Who are the regulars from the Wiki?

A: Well, we get a lot of regulars in #WoD to tell the truth. Here are a few: dissolvegirl, willows, BogMod, Balthasar, Kraken, Resplendence and probably some more people that I've forgotten about (feel free to add yourself if you want). We also have a lot of people in the channel who are NOT wiki regulars! DaveFayram drops by on occasion (as dox), but not as often as he used to:)

Q: What are some of the frequent topics of conversation?

A: We talk about nearly everything in #WoD, but by far the most frequent topic of conversation is Exalted. We often comment a little on wiki stuff when it goes up, for instance, getting additional feedback that very often doesn't go up on the wiki itself. Topics from Exalted can range anywhere from ways to twink out your characters to discussion of some facet of Creation that everyone finds interesting. Of course, there's also infrequent games of ExaltedBeachVolleyball (which I know very little about -CS). There's a lot of interpersonal chatting, of course, as well as frequent discussions of events in real life.

We also chat about non-Exalted roleplaying games, with the actual World of Darkness being occasionally brought up, as well as Dark Ages, and even other games like Nobilis, Silver Age Sentinels, or whatever.

Q: Wait, if you mostly talk about Exalted, why is the channel called #WoD?

A: It's a tradition, mostly:) See the History, above.

Some IRC Clients

Browser-based Clients
Mozilla has a client built in, and Firefox has a client extensions that can be found at http://update.mozilla.org/ The browsers can be found at http://www.mozilla.org/download.html

Windows-based Systems
Whenever one mentions IRC clients, of course, THE client that has to be mentioned is mIRC. The URL is for more information and the ability to download is located right here- http://www.mirc.com/

The universal IM client called Trillian includes a bare-bones IRC client. It lacks much of mIRC's functionality and ease-of-use, but it's convenient if you use other messaging services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ) and don't want to load separate programs for each. It also contains less spyware than most of the default clients for those networks, and won't nag you to register. http://www.trillian.cc/

Another universal IM program called Gaim also includes IRC support; it has both Windows and Linux versions. You can find it at gaim.sourceforge.net.

Advanced Options (not for beginners): There are also scripts that you can get for mIRC. These aren't needed, though they do offer a few nice options. Personally, I'd say start out with plain old mIRC, and then after a while, you can try out some scripts. Myself, I use acidmax. It's got some things I don't use, well more than some, but there's alot of useful parts also. - haren

Mac-based Clients
If you're one of those unfortuates stuck with a Mac - like me! - I'd recommend Snak or IRCle; last I heard, IRCle has not got an OSX version, so you're probably going to want Snak, but one never knows. Fire also has some - admittedly ugly and somewhat buggy - IRC support. I don't have addresses for those, but you can find them at tucows.com, I'm almost certain. - Ashande, aka First`Murderer, Kaine.

IRC Scripts

News and Updates

Today (8/4/2004), Magicstar seems to be having a lot of hiccups. Most of us that are able to find each other have been signing on galaxy.magicstar.net, which seems stable and has the most of us on of any of the servers. So if you find yourself unable to get into #WoD or it seems unusually empty, try galaxy.


Hmmm. Where, if anywhere, should an actual link to this page (other than my userpage, which seems a subpar place), go? WikiContent? -- CrownedSun

Yes, I think, under Interaction. I went and added it there. - willows

You could add some IRC cilent that loads automatically in your browser for those who want to drop by quickly. They shouldn't be too hard to find. Resplendence

RPGnet has a Java applet on their page that connects to Magicstar IRC. It defaults to dropping you into #rpgnet, but you can tell it to join #wod instead (and I've done that on occasion, when I was at a computer without an IRC client.) -- Charlequin

Of late we of the #pvpexalted channel have joined into #WoD. -BogMod