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I'm intrigued by your art. Your portaits look like photos. Do you use photos as a base for it? If you want to talk about my coloring technique, catch me on IRC - #pvpexalted on gryphon.magicstar.net, or find me on ICQ - 8296815. Resplendence

3/02/04: I can't honestly say whether or not it would be a good idea to add another story to WBM at the moment. On the plus side, it would provide more options, possibly encouraging new signups. On the minus side, there might not be enough "regulars" to support it. If it strikes your fancy, you could post your ideas before writing an actual story, to get a feeling for what kind of interest it would generate. It might also generate some ideas you hadn't initially thought of.

re: your comment of 2/24: What a great thing for you to say. Comments like this make me feel like my life is justified. I'm glad that one of my ideas was able to inspire you, and I hope the publishing thing works out for you. \\ _Ikselam

Thanks a lot. It would be nice to have a publisher who knows something about marketing for once. :P And keep up the phenomenal ideas. Shmucks like me are counting on you. ;) --Dissolvegirl

Ikselam, I just noticed your comment on 3-2; I don't know why I didn't notice before. I didn't mean to just randomly put up a new story regardless of your thoughts on the matter. --Dissolvegirl

Heck, I don't mind. I consider my WBM function to consist of keeping things tidy, and trying to keep them moving (by writing parts, commenting on parts, doing occasional advertisement, &c). Controlling what content goes up (assuming it's not overtly offensive) is not something I care to do, nor do I really want to be thought of as the "boss." I might start about regulating new starters if we had half a dozen stories in progress, but not when there's only three.\\ _Ikselam

Hope you feel better. I've been sick for the past week or so, and am just getting over it. It sucks:P -- CrownedSun

I also wish you a speedy recovery. _Ikselam

Yeah, best wishes, Deary. ~*~Braydz~*~

I started reading your live journal, and since I found that I read it a few days in a row and I enjoy reading it, I have linked to it for my blog. I hope you dont mind. Alabrax

I don't mind at all. :) I'm glad you find it entertaining. --dissolvegirl

Wee! Thanks for signing up for GoD! :D - CrownedSun, who is very excited to see what you do with the story.

Thanks, although I have hit a serious, serious roadblock-- it's due on thursday, I've got one short scene, and I'm completely unsure what to do from there. :P If you'd like to email me, I'd love to talk to you about possible places for my scenes to go. I need all the help I can get. --dissolvegirl

Hope you don't mind me linking putting a link from my page to yours on my wiki page. This stuff is just too good not to. And if you love exaltedy goodness try getting on mIRC on Magicstar #pvpexalted to find me and several other people from the Wiki as well. -BogMod

Of course I don't mind! I'm flattered, actually. And as soon as I can figure out where to get an IRC client and how to use it, I'm totally there. :) -dg

Several of also hang out in #WoD. Umm...are you running Windows? mIRC is a pretty good client with a nice GUI. Google for it. (Unfortunately it occasionally nags you to register it, but not so often that it's terrible.) If you're running OSX or something...I dunno. RPGnet also has a Java client at their website, but as far as I can tell you can only be in one channel at a time and it's very slow. - willows

Thanks for the tip; as you can see, it was very helpful. :) -dissolvegirl

Trillian also has an IRC client, in addition to functioning as a client for just about every other instant-messaging service out there (and I've heard it's much less spyware-riddled than the default AIM client). It's not as functional as mIRC, but the basic version is freeware.\\ _Ikselam

I don't like Trillian. It doesn't seem to remember settings. Weird. - willows

I've never had any problems with Trillian. Then again, I don't ask a whole lot from it, and it's IRC interface is rather suboptimal when it comes to user-friendliness.

On the topic of general IRC stuff, I found http://www.newircusers.com/index.html to be very useful. Especially the list of commands.\\ _Ikselam