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Esara Gia's background

Gia grew up as the daughter to a rather important Dragon-Blooded commander in Lookshy, Esara Milene. Gia's mother trained her somewhat-shy daughter to overcome her awkward, quiet nature in an attempt to preen her for the godhood she would someday recieve; unfortunately, the Dragons did not smile on Gia, and she found herself relegated to a life of servitude, only finding refuge in the books she read. Among other mortals, she was considered a shy, but honorable girl, and found herself somehow hoarding all of the secrets of youth in a large city-- who liked who, who disobeyed their parents and how. She began to see that knowledge truly was power, in both the rawest and most elegant senses of the word. One night she found out that she was to be wed to a patrician twice her age, in the hope of solidifying one outcaste house's alliance with another, and she fled her home, stumbling over an easygoing man in fine clothes who explained what she now had become.

Gia feels a fondness for Creation-- Lookshy especially-- but prefers spending her time in Yu-Shan; stepping foot into Creation brings a wellspring of bittersweet emotions to mind, and the constant niggling sensation of not fitting in. She was actually relieved when Arcane Fate took hold of her; there was finally a reason why people ignored her, tangible and real. And on top of that, the anonymity gave her a purpose, granted her more power-- it was a blessing, and a tool with which she can change the world.

Her previous incarnation was a well-respected member of the Bronze faction, and where his or her Essence reincarnated was a point of contention. The Bronze wanted it in the Realm, to a DB family, so that it was already indoctrinated with Immaculate goodness when it Exalted. The Gold protested. The result was a birth to a DB family in Lookshy.

Appearance: Tall, slender, wavy red hair that's usually a bit of a mess, piercing green eyes. Prefers to wear cream instead of green, but has a lot of green in her wardrobe nonetheless. She usually looks more thoughtful than happy, even when she is happy. And, of course, whatever Appearance 4 entails. And here's a portrait I did, [as well as one Roger did.


Merciful Osprey: Osprey has long been Gia's closest friend, but they recently had a giant falling-out, in part because of his reluctance to share information and in part because she is an irrational female who has trouble with her emotions. She cares deeply for him, but at the moment, wishes to avoid him and the pain he causes her like the plague.

Malic: Malic and Gia get along every now and then-- when she first met him, she hated him, but then got to know him and liked him. They've been drifting apart as of late, with less and less in common, and he is once again starting to get on her nerves.

Arkadi: Despite the intense loathing she has felt for this man since the first day she laid eyes on him, Ark is now probably the closest thing to a friend Gia feels she has within the circle. She does not trust him, is not sure what to make of him, but finds that he's a hell of a drinking buddy-- something of which she is in dire need.

Character Sheet

Name: Esara Gia
Caste: Chosen of Secrets
Nature: Visionary
Anima: Green
Concept: Friend
Faction: Bronze

Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 2
Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4
Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 2

Survival 1, Thrown 5
Dodge 3, Linguistics 3, Socialize 4

Investigation 5, Larceny 3, Lore 3, Occult 5, Stealth 4
Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 4 Presence 4

Backgrounds: Manse 4, Sifu 2, Salary 3, Artifact 2, Allies 3, Connections (Lookshy) 1, Savant 2, Backing: Bronze Faction 2

Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2

Willpower: 6
Health: -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Fu: 5
Essence: 3
Essence pool: 12/33, 8 P committed


  • Lingustics

Favorable Inflection Practice
Blue Vervain Binding (used on: Malic)

  • Socialize

Stern Essence Replenishment

  • Investigation

Auspicious Prospects for Secrets
Marvelous Inclusion of Details
Efficient Secretary Technique
Systematic Understanding of Everything
Avoiding the Truth Technique

  • Presence

Presence in Absence Technique


  • Air Dragon Style

Air Dragon's Breath
Wind Dragon's Speed
Breath-Seizing Technique
Shrouding Body and Mind
Air Dragon Form
Cloud-Treading Method
Thunderclap Kata
Lightning Strike Style
Tornado Offense Technique
Avenging Wind Strike
Wrathful Winds Maneuver
Hurricane Combat Method

  • Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style

Deadly Starmetal Offense
Orichalcum Sheathing Stance
Flickering Moonsilver Approach
Five Jade Fury
Four Magical Materials Form

Colleges: Mask 3, Treasure Trove 2, Sorceror 2

Resplendant Destinies: Gia, Masked advisor: (3 effect points for duration, 4 hanging)
Despite coming from Lookshy, while in town Gia usually disguises herself as a shy foreigner, half her face veiled in sheer green silk. She made the aquaintence of a lower-ranking Dragon-Blooded while in town a year ago, and has an open invitation to stay in his manse while in town. He finds her inscrutable and mysterious, but never asks any questions, and she never announces her arrival. He is not an aquaintence in the sense of the background, but simply a conduit to a place of power.

Equipment: Infinite Jade Chakram ("Shooting Star"), Hearthstone Amulet

Base initiative: 7
Soak: 2B/1L/0A (unarmored), 14B/13L/0A (with Orichalcum Sheathing Stance)
Dodge: 8
Infinite Jade Chakram: +1A, +4L, Rate 4, Range 50 (requires Dex 3)
Starmetal nails (PAoC): +7S, +2A, +7L, +2D, 5R

XP Earned: 142
XP Spent: 134

Expanded Backgrounds

Gia has a gorgeous infinite jade chakram-- one that's a little different from the typical Immaculate fare. It is deep green jade, the crosspiece-handle made of starmetal and has the words "Shooting star" engraved there in Old Realm. It was a gift from her Bronze Faction sifu, in the hopes that his generosity (coupled with her interest in Air Dragon Style) will win her over to his faction.

Hearthstone: The Lost Jewel, 4-dot (weeks instead of months)

Bronze Faction, knows Air Dragon Style, Snake Style, and Prismatic Arrangement of Creation

Shalrina, Daimyo of Masks
On one of her earliest missions, she met and befriended Shalrina, Daimyo of Masks. They get along well because Shalrina also knows what it's like to be discounted out-of-hand. Shalrina therefore has a definite soft spot for the youth, and Gia looks up to her in a way that, while it does not make her think of Shalrina as a maternal figure, simply serves to make her bitter about her own mother all the more.

Familiar: (0-dot)
When Gia Exalted, she could not bear to leave her only childhood friend behind, and so she brought him to Yu-Shan with her. After her training was complete, she exchanged desperate favor after desperate favor, until she convinced a spirit to grant her friend immortality. Whisper is a black housecat with piercing green eyes, and a lower spirit in his own right. As far as Gia knows he has no powers of his own, and they certainly do not have the mystical bond associated with familiars. For all intents and purposes, Whisper is the exact same feline as he was in Creation; he is simply preserved in a state of youth for all time. He enjoys Yu-Shan, thinking the opulence of Gia's manse and the attentiveness of her small contingent of spirit servitors are things richly deserved by superior felines everywhere.


Wow. Look at those Techniques. What version of Auspicious Prospects did you buy? As a Chosen of Secrets, I believe you're entitled to any of the five variations - willows

Secrets, but I thought it was fate. And I know. My ass-kickingness makes me smile every time I see my techniques. ;) --dissolvegirl was THIS CLOSE to being able to get 5MM form right off the bat

Aren't you missing 2 Charms? We start with 20, correct?

We can sell them back for 4 BP each. I did so with two of my charms, because my Fu was weak and not allowing me PAoC. --dissolvegirl

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