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This wiki software doesn't allow pages to be deleted. In same cases, though, it is useful to know if the author of a page really intended it to be deleted. It is crucial, for example, in detecting Orphans. If you are completely abandoning a page, please add a link to it here. If this wiki was ever migrated somewhere, this page would also be useful to identify what wouldn't need to be reproduced.

Please note: do not add a page here if it is possible to redirect it. For example, if you are really trying to rename a page, create the new page, copy the contents of the old page to the new, then completely replace the contents of the old with #REDIRECT NewPageName. In these cases, do not add the OldPageName to this list. Instead, this page is for content that has been completely abandoned.

It is usually a good idea to clear out the content of pages that have been deleted as well.