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The Perfidous Lord of Dissembling and Malcontent

He was never a particularly outstanding Solar, and has not made a good Deathlord. He seeks to cast all into Oblivion, believing that life, on the whole, is rather a waste of time, consisting of mostly suffering. He does not waste his time with shadowlands or intriguing, but is constantly experimenting with ways to open gateways directly to Oblivion.

He is a gloomy sort, and thoroughly nihilistic, believing life to consist of very little but pain. His view is not without justification, and his personal experience certainly supports it.

Physically, he is almost seven feet tall, thin, but not skeletal, and always wears a featureless mask of white ceramic. He also wears an ornate headdress and matching sash consisting of thousands of discs of green jade strung together with soulsteel wire. He wears billowing, quilted white robes and also carries a pair of strange weapons consisting of three curving soulsteel blades and a central ring to grip it by, each blade approximately three feet long. These he wields as shields, blades, and throwing weapons at once. He has only three known Deathknights, one of whom has turned rogue and now opposes his orchestrations wherever they occur. From what scraps of information have been gleaned by those who have encountered him, his dominions in the Underworld underlay the deserts to the far South.

He is not one to lead from behind, but often fights alongside his servants whenever they gather en masse. From witness accounts, he is incredibly strong, and seems to have a passion for throwing yeddim, small buildings, and large boulders at his foes. He also tends to overwhelm his opponents quickly, even at the cost of ridiculous Essence expenditure.

Deathknight Names (Preliminary)

Destroyer Resplendent In Black And Gold - See CircleRelay

Princeling of the Murky Depths - Think Davy Jones, except goth.

Prophet With Fingers Bloodied By Thousands Of Paper Cranes - He's the renegade one.