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Level One Artifacts

These Artifacts are often of utilitarian purpose or mere baubles with a minor power or two. Often made by Dragon-Blooded artificers or as test-works by the Celestial Exalted, these minor objects are sometimes used for barter and bribes in highly sophisiticated regions.


... Why are we having a subpage for various artifact levels and artifact pages by contributor and a listing of individual artifacts on the Artifacts page? I really don't think it's necessary to keep proliferating like this. Sure, multiple directories can be useful, but I think we're getting to the point where it's a hnidrance rather than a help. Why don't we just put everything either in the individual artifact section on Artifacts or leave it on peoples' by-contributor pages?
~ Shataina

If everyone hadn't decided to store artifacts their own personal way, I would have replaced the Individual Artifacts section with the By Level ranking. That's what that IS anyway. However, there are at least seven different formats being used to store artifacts for different people, making a single unified index by level a great deal of work and involving aleration of half the stored artifacts either way we go. See Artifacts for further discussion. - Telgar
Sorry. Missed the commentary on the main page. Didn't mean to split up the discussion.
~ Shataina

It's currently almost impossible to -find- a specific level of artifact if you don't have whatever you're looking for in mind. I quite like the idea, even if it's only a page of links to pages containing at least one artifact of the listed level amongst a group of others. Makes checking for stuff much easier.
-- Darloth