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The Broken Barge of Souls

The first of the Dark Houses and the most important to the living and the newly dead, the House of Souls is that which governs the passage into death. The Wound, the Vulture, the Barge, the Bone, and the Storm fall into the realm of this House, representing the endurance required by the harrowing journey to the Underworld and the trip itself.

The ruler of the House of Souls is Charon. Of the five brothers, Charon is the least feared by ghosts and the only one to receive worship and prayer from the living world. A number of isolated ancestor cults offer worship to Charon in hopes of increasing the standing of their deceased in the Underworld. Charon's domain includes not only the higher soul, but the transition to death, the natural cycle of reincarnation and all matters of prayer and gravegoods. Charon often favors those ghosts who have lived long unlives and accumulated much wealth and power before finally passing into Lethe. The message that those who enter Lethe may send is carried by one of Charon's lesser servants, the ferrymen.

When Charon chooses to make an appearance he takes the form of a stoop-backed man in tattered brown robes, face hidden in shadow. His hands are strong from moving the Broken Barge of Souls across the threshold of death and he speaks in whispers. Charon favors the color brown and his symbols are golden coins, barges and rafts as well as those who pilot them.


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