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As a child Nkolos was an outcast, with no partents he was forced to survive on his own.Nkolos grew up as part of a nomadic tribe that traveled the south-eastern territories in pursuit of food and fertile land for the herds of sheep and cattle that provided their main source of trade. The other children in the tribe were forbidden from interacting with Nkolos because he was believed to be 'cursed'. Nkolos grew used to keeping his own company and developed many odd practices, such as the consumption of blood. To Nkolos it seemed that all of ones power was in the blood, whenever Nkolos killed an animal he drank its blood believing he would become stronger.

     As Nkolos aged he seperated himself from the tribe completely, but not before convincing the cheif's daughter to come with him. The outraged chief sent the villages tracker to retrieve her, when they found her she was drained of blood and her corpse had aged for days. That was the first time Nkolos had tasted human blood, from then on he would frequently enter a city at night and take a drunkard who foolishly stayed out in the streets at night. Rumors began to spread in the among the cities peasants that a monster of great strenght who killed by night. The local Dragon Blooded began to investigate when a local banker was killed and 'drained'. The Dragon Blooded were on the search for a Wyld mutant or a tribe of beastmen but soon enough the evidence ruled these options out and a city patrol was set up to capture the monster.
     At midnight the 'monster' was spotted and confronted by two mortal guards, by now Nkolos had severed all ties to humanity and was a monster internally, his hair covered his face like a midnight veil and his nails were blacked and sharpened he walked with a hunch and wore a simple robe of the deepest black, around his neck was a necklace made of human finger-bones. After a round of unawnsered questions from the guards one charged in anger, his sword was deftly side stepped and he began attacking more and more earnestly, none connected. Nkolos sidestepped one final swing before grasping the soldiers neck, after much thrashing the bodie went limp and the other guard, horrified, ran to tell the what happened. They arived at the scene quickly to find Nkolos standing above the body wiping his mouth. The Dragon Bloods charged without hesitation and quickly caputred him. Loading him into an armored cart they began a long journey to Chiaroscuro to deliver him to an elder exalt who was interested in turing Nkolos into a human experiment.
     During the long journey Nkolos refused all food and drink and soon his life began fading. On full moon night when Nkolos was on his last thread he looked into the sky, through his dark reality and saw the moon for the first time and years. His skin began crawling and bones began rearranging noisily, his captures watched in horror as he became the monster he had harbored inside for years. With a monstrous roar and a swing of his huge clawed fist he burst from the carriage, within moments his captors where dead and he feasted. When Nkolos awoke again his mind was clear and his humanity had retured, saving his malice and bloodlust for the beast within. Within weeks he was located by the Silver Pact and began training as a Full Moon Lunar Exalt.