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Seeking Elemental Streamer Cascade</b> - needs better name, perhaps?

 <b>Cost: variable motes, +1 willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Lore: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Burst Technique

This charm allows the dragon-blooded to unleash multiple streamers of elemental power from their outstretched hand, which coil and strike like leaping dragons at their foes. Each of these streamers does 2L damage per 1 mote spent on the charm (up to stamina as usual), and one streamer is hurled for every dot of permanant Essence the dragon-blooded possesses. They are aimed with Dex + Athletics or Archery, whichever is preferred, and may be targetted at separate or the same targets as the user wishes. However, because they naturally split and coil to attack from many different directions, each streamer after the first targetted at a foe increases that foe's difficulty to dodge any of the streamers aimed at them by 1. Thus, if all three streamers from a beginner's use of this charm are aimed at one person, if they attempt to dodge any or all of them, the difficulties for those dodges are raised by 2.

This charm is compatible with some specially tuned elemental lenses (it should always be one of the charms the ST allows lenses in general to apply to... but a specific lens need not and probably should not be attuned to this charm by default, it is quite rare to find an applicable lens without having to make/remake one) and if used with an elemental lens, the number of streamers increases to (Essence + 1), the damage increases to 3L per mote.