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Unfortunately, I seem to be very wordy when writing artifacts. As such, I shall give them subpages, and hope my names do not conflict. Without further ado, here are the two artifacts I have created, interestingly enough, they both relate to water in some way, although this is in no way intentional: Artifacts/DarlothLiquidBlade - A sword with a blade of liquid, usable by mortals. Artifacts/DarlothIcefist - A cold and cruel soulsteel 'smashfist'. (DBSurfeit, this was a foil for Solissar. If you don't post it somewhere, I will.) Artifacts/DarlothAblativeArmour - A new type of variable soak armour, rated artifact 4, which provides amazingly damage resistant defence... for the first few hits, anyway. Artifacts/DarlothSpellSpireScepter - A type of wand that enables the casting of a single spell, with various benefits depending on material.

Are these on the Artifacts/Offensive page? I don't remember seeing them when I was adding names.
~ Shataina

Heh... check the update only minutes after you posted. No, they were only in the process of being listed when you posted. They are now.

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