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This is the first originating charm, but I havn't decided whether to put it above or below the All Encompassing Sorcerer's Jaw just yet. I think it'll be the base of the tree, and the Jaw will be directly below, but as I said, I'm unsure. As to why it's named that, it was originally a typo, used in an MSN conversation to a friend. I did manage to catch the typo before I sent it, but it got me thinking - What would a charm of that name actually do? This is the result:

Goat Eating Technique</b>

<b>Cost: 5 motes
Duration: one scene
Type: Simple
Min. Survival: 3
Min Essence: 3
Prereqs: None

By use of the Goat Eating Technique, a Solar Exalted may increase the effectiveness of their digestive system to mythic levels. Firstly, anything the user has eaten recently which is still in their stomach or gut will be digested at amazing speed, and they will have gained all possible nutrition from it by the end of the scene. In addition, the user becomes able to digest and gain subsistance nourishment from nearly anything, and can digest things which would usually be unsafe to eat. In addition, it strengthen's the exalted's teeth with caps and planes of essence, allowing them to bite through things much stronger than usual.

Mechanically, the exalted adds twice their survival skill to all rolls to resist poisoning via ingestion, and if a material has less lethal soak than (survival*essence) then the exalted will digest it and can bite through it. What nourishment they actually get is up to the GM, although at the very least this charm would allow you to live perfectly healthily on things such as grass or dirt. It also allows unarmed damage to be lethal, as the user bites through flesh and bone. (Unless the exalted has special bite stats, use standard fist attack rules.)
Note: This charm never works on any of the FiveMagicalMaterials

I am well aware that this charm is currently not finished... but any suggestions are welcome!

This is the charm I thought of immediately after the Goat Eating Technique, and I decided it too should have a parody name.

All Encompassing Sorcerer's Jaw</b>

<b>Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplementary
Min. Survival: 5
Min Essence: 3
Prereqs: Goat Eating Technique

By use of the All Encompassing Sorcerer's Jaw, an exalted can stretch their jaw to encompass much more than usual. Every point of essence lets the user stretch their jaw another foot larger than normal, which means they can rapidly consume a great amount of food. The charm is listed as supplementary because if it is used as an attack (To swallow someone, for example) then it should apply to that attack rather than being a separate action, and it requires a successful brawl roll to eat anything that is resisting. (-Not- martial arts, unless someone invents a special food-related one) Although the duration is instant, the user will be able to finish consuming whatever they get their jaw around, and will suffer no damage from the jaw extension itself, even if it takes a while to completely swallow the target. (This charm does not protect against attacks from whatever you're eating, however)

Yes, this charm is exceedingly silly, but could still come in handy. The lunars should probably have a scene-long version at about the same cost, called Snake-Jaw Emulation Prana. Making it a Lunar DBT gift would be amusing too. Feel free to write those if you feel like it.


(These comments happen to all apply to Goat Eating Technique - No idea how to separate comments by charm and still have it look good - Darloth)

This looks pretty reasonable to me. I have a custom Survival charm that lets you enable your mount, pet, etc, to eat absolutely anything it can chew for one meal, 2 motes, Survival 5 / Essence 3. This extends that with some other things (like poison resistance, etc), so that seems pretty reasonable. _JohnBiles

It should allow you to make bite attacks that do lethal damage. -Fifth

I realise there's a pun on Ghost Eating technique here, but the name implies that the user can eat goats not like goats which is a bit strange. Surely a name like "Eats Like Goat Prana" or "Omniverous Excellence Technique" would be more descriptive. - Voidstate

Thanks for the lethal damage suggestion - rewriting it in. As to the name, yes, it's highly undescriptive (although there is no reason you couldn't eat a goat with this charm, it would just take a while) but the entire reason for existance of the charm is its name, so I decided to leave it anyway. - Darloth

These make good Lunar Charms, but I don't see them being thematic to Solars. Heroes don't eat dirt, they just always manage to find enough real food to get along. Or they don't need to eat. I just don't see why these are Solar Charms - telgar

The dirt eating is just a side benefit - The main advantage to the GET is that you can digest poisons more easily, and indeed anything else. It also lets you recover from malnutrition or something very fast. But the poison and the anything-eating are the main bits... I might improve the poison resistance actually, currently it's not particularly strong, but it might push out some other poison resistance charms if I do that. Still, it's against ingested only, so I think I shall improve that aspect. Done. Now a good survival skill makes you nearly immune to all but the very strongest mystical poison, but only if you -eat- it, which seems appropriate.
- Darloth

I disagree. Defense against poison is a function of Resistance, not Survival. Survival simply would let you find non-poisonous food. A Resistance Charm would let you eat it. - Telgar

And now in my mind's eye there is a Senator wearing sunglasses and saving the day by eating the bad guy's firewand. He'd roam the face of Creation, teaching anyone who'd listen that in the First Age, the forefathers (and foremothers) of modern peoples were giant Abraham Lincolns and George Washingtons. Oh Tenzil, Tenzil... Okensha wants Senator Kem's autograph