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Herein follows my own personal attempt at making a combat resolution system that I'm happy with, keeping the streamlining of 2nd edition and the action-simplicity of 1st edition, hopefully without invalidating too many charms.

It is not an attempt to make the exalted book worthless, nor an attempt to usurp copyright from WhiteWolf, or any other such thing. It is changing the game to fit me and my players, as suggested in the book, and released to anyone else who wants to use it. Since most of the charms will not be majorly changed, and the setting is untouched, you will still require an exalted book. It is a new system, but it is not a new or derivative game.

-- Darloth


DarSys/Mechanics - here is all of the crunchy new rulesy stuff, such as how you hit someone and what they can do about it, etc etc.

DarSys/WeaponTable - since I've removed the speed stat and made several fairly large changes to the way weapons work, I also took the time to rebalance all of the weapons, so that they are more appropriate for this new system. Armour is also here

DarSys/CharmChanges - several charms needed to be changed to fit the system anyway, but this section also contains houserules that I think make the canon charms more worthwhile or better balanced.

DarSys/Miscellaneous - for the rest. Changed material bonuses on jade Hearthstone Bracers is an example.

DarSys/Reasoning - why I did this, and what I'm aiming for with it.

Notes / Future changes or expansions:

now on Version 2!

weaponstats need expanding and tweaking a little more, and warstrider weapons are still not properly statted.

Guidelines for converting charms and weapons should probably be written

Old notes:

With the new splats out, the previous version of modified onslaught is now too powerful for anyone except solars to have a hope of coping with. It needs to be toned down.

This system in general is done so that turns are quicker and simpler - charmslots aren't mysteriously quicker if you pick up a shortsword, people only have to remember one number, things like that. However, it could be changed.

We could put speed back in, and disassociate charms from weaponspeed. Charms would need their own speed, either separate as a statistic of each charm, or based on essence used, or something. Even more work, need a new set of weaponstats, new charmstats (or hopefully a rule for working that out) and maybe new mechanical things to cope with that.

A third possibility is Wordman's suggestion that weaponspeeds are very low (easily getting to 1 or 2 with magic) but acting still incurs a DV penalty and there are no flurries, plus you must take an action (fairly slow, perhaps slower if you've attacked/acted lots) to reset DVs and gain another charmslot. See Trithne/TickHack.