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This page gives access to all the wonderful creature information we have. Ok, so there isn't so much yet, but give us time! ^_^

This is a page for supernatural beings that are not Exalted, DragonKings, GodBlooded (or other -Bloodeds) -- basically, it's a page of supernatural beings for which we do not have character generation rules. It also has fan-made creatures that don't fit any of the existing categories. Natural (i.e. unmagical) beings do not go here; see NaturalWondersOfCreation for those.

General creature information

Creatures/IdentifyingBeings -- willows tells you how to do it.

Creatures by category

Spirits of Creation

Spirits From Beyond Creation

Creatures of the Flesh


These are Creature sub-pages that aren't really used or were usurped by something better.

Specific, Uncategorizable Creatures

Don't put things here if they can fit or already are in one of the above categories.

Creatures By User



Any thoughts on BestPractices for the Creatures section? I have a new type of small god to add, and I figure that this might be a good time to start refactoring Creatures. - Quendalon

Well, I already split off CelestialBureaucracy and SmallGods. Things which have yet to be moved, and should be, are HeirsOfSeaAndFire (which might be wanting a less obtuse name, too, or maybe just a less obtuse alias pointing to it), PanoplyOfDragons, TaxonomyOfMadness... basically any large category of creatures. It might be advisable to start a CreationWildlife page which indexes all the natural animal- and plant-type creatures. _Ikselam

Cool. Somehow it didn't occur to me that those communal-project headers could also double as paths for individual creature pages. Hmm... I don't see anything under SmallGods, and might it not be best to simply put gods under CelestialBureaucracy and SpiritCourts, depending on whether they're celestial or terrestrial gods? - Quendalon

My mistake; by SmallGods, I meant SpiritCourts. SmallGods could be the place to put individual elementals and non-Celestial gods. Or not, depending. _Ikselam

Broke off A Taxonomy of Madness to it's own page. Now working on the inhabitants... -- JesseLowe

Did a bit of reorganizing, since some unused categories were cluttering up the more useful ones. Weeding, if you will. --UncleChu

More reorganizing, still in progress.