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A Panoply of Dragons

Being a Roster of the Elemental Dragons of Creation.

Dragons are impressive beings of great cosmological import. Here you'll find a list of all the known dragons. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicized or linked to. Ideally, all of the fan-made dragons will have little descriptions.

The Five Elemental Dragons

  • The Elemental Dragon of Air, said to have been incarnated as the Immaculate Dragon Mela
  • The Elemental Dragon of Earth, said to have been incarnated as the Immaculate Dragon Pasiap
  • The Elemental Dragon of Fire, said to have been incarnated as the Immaculate Dragon Hesiesh
  • The Elemental Dragon of Water, said to have been incarnated as the Immaculate Dragon Daana'd
  • The Elemental Dragon of Wood, said to have been incarnated as the Immaculate Dragon Sextes Jylis

The Greater Dragons

The Lesser Dragons


  • Black Grinning Bear, Master of the West Wind
  • Blue Skulking Bear, Master of the North Wind
  • Chi Wen, Dragon Prince of the Pinnacle - (Quendalon)
  • Ching Long, the Azure Dragon Prince - (Quendalon)
  • Green Frowning Bear, Master of the East Wind
  • Pu Lao, Dragon Prince of Bells - (Quendalon)
  • Red Stalking Bear, Master of the South Wind
  • Teng She, Dragon Prince of the Mist - (Quendalon)
  • To Ru, the Storm King - (Quendalon)
  • White Venerable Bear, Master of the Omphalos


  • Bi Xi, Dragon Prince of the Satchel - (Quendalon)
  • Fei Tau, the Dragon Who Waits
  • Fitzmillian, the Smiling Money Dragon
  • Jiao Tu, the Silent Dragon Prince - (Quendalon)
  • Kaleru, the Rainbow Dragon
  • O-Goncho, Celestial Censor of the Southern Acres
  • Tian Lu, the Gold-Eating Dragon Prince - (Quendalon)
  • Yassegeth, Dragon Prince of the Deep Places
  • Yu Qiu, Dragon Prince of the Chariot - (Quendalon)


  • Bloody Sky, Elemental Dragon of Forest Fires
  • Hao Xian, Dragon Prince of the Palace of War - (Quendalon)
  • Lanatoxec, the Fallen Star (also the Fire-Feathered Serpent, formerly the Unquenchable Flame of Righteousness)
  • Pintithira, the Magma Dragon, consort to the Swan Dragon
  • Shen Xing, Dragon Prince of the Star - (Quendalon)
  • Suan Mi, Dragon Prince of Incense - (Quendalon)
  • Swan Dragon (see Power Combat stats)
  • Ya Zi, Dragon Prince of the Sword - (Quendalon)
  • Zhu Yin, Dragon Prince of the Torch - (Quendalon)


  • Apsu, Southern Elemental Coordinator of the Realm
  • Avanya-Filu, Dragon Queen of the Rivers of the South - (Quendalon)
  • Ba Xia, Dragon Prince of the Bridge - (Quendalon)
  • Fakharu, Celestial Censor of the Western Waters
  • Naresh, Arbiter of Northern Storms
  • Kuma-Wani, Dragon Prince of Ships - (Quendalon)
  • Ogime, the Frog Queen
  • Shen Yao, Dragon Prince of the Palace of Pearl - (Quendalon)
  • Uktené, the Harvester of Hidden Lore - (Quendalon)
  • Zennyo, Dragon Queen of the Western Rain - (Quendalon)


  • Hiru, cowardly merchant Dragon
  • Nidhogar, Celestial Censor of the Eastern Fields
  • Parmys, the Jasmine Blossom Sultana
  • Qiu Niu, Dragon Prince of the Lute - (Quendalon)
  • Ren Shen, the Queen of Ginseng - (Quendalon)
  • Sirrush, the King of Animate Variance
  • Wen Shi, the Mother of Five Dragons - (Quendalon)

The Dragons of Malfeas

  • The Ebon Dragon
  • Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World
  • Thari, the Word Serpent - (Quendalon)

Behemoth Dragons

  • Sayla, the Yellow Wyrm

Dragon-Like Reptiles of Creation

  • Ash Devourer
  • Claw Strider
  • Desert Basilisc
  • Pelagic Dragon
  • River Dragon
  • Sand Swimmer
  • Sea Dragon
  • Sea Serpents
  • Tyrant Lizard

Dragon Automata

  • Thousand-Forged Dragons

The Elemental Dragons of Autochthonia

  • The Elemental Dragon of Steam
  • The Elemental Dragon of Metal
  • The Elemental Dragon of Lightning
  • The Elemental Dragon of Oil
  • The Elemental Dragon of Crytsal
  • The Elemental Dragon of Smoke

The Lesser Dragons



  • Cogwheel Dragon, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Metal: Brass




  • Slacstag, The Shogun of Crystal and Glass


Entirely New Dragons


Added the Wind Masters for ya. Just 'cos they've got the heads of bears don't make them any less draconic, y'know ;) - Translucidity

Thanks! - Quendalon

Hmm. Do you want to keep this purely to elemental and Yozi dragons, or are all wyrms, serpents and dragonlike critters welcome? For example, should Sayla, the Yellow Wyrm be in here somewhere? (Behemoth, CotW) - Translucidity

You've committed a very common heresy: The Five Elemental Dragons don't have canonical names. Mela et al. are the Five Immaculate Dragons, who, while they are believed to have been the avatars of the Five Elemental Dragons, were not actually the same beings as said Dragons. Sort of like the relationship between Jesus and God, or Krishna and Vishnu.\\ _Ikselam

Translucidity: Yeah, sure, draconic monsters are cool. Toss 'em in!\\ Ikselam: That's why I noted that the Dragons are "called" by those names. But you are correct; should I just toss the Immaculate names out? - Quendalon

I thought that might be what you were aiming at, but to the best of my knowledge, the Elemental Dragons aren't actually called by those names. Maybe "embodied as the Immaculate Dragon X"? Kind of unwieldy, but more accurate.\\ _Ikselam

OK, how's this look? - Quendalon

Sure, looks fine to me. Added Lanatoxec, since even though I don't actually say he's a lesser Elemental Dragon, it's pretty obvious from his "Quetzalcoatl-on-Fire" description.\\ _Ikselam

Added another one. I'll write up his little page pretty soon, as well. - FourWillowsWeeping

We need some lesser Wood and Earth dragons. Especially Wood.\\ _Ikselam

Hey, can I be Mr. Demanding and request descriptions for new dragons? Ren Shen looks fun. - FourWillowsWeeping

Sure, just not tonight, just finished running Session 12 and need to sleep.  :) - Quendalon

I want a place to put lesser elementals, and I'm wondering how to handle it vis-a-vis this page, since dragons are also elementals. We need a place for things like the rakush: "an air elemental that can take the form of a silver horse, a tangle of lightning, or a maiden with hair like rose petals and eyes full of storms." (taken from Four Willows Weeping, of course!) - Quendalon

Taken from Rakush the horse of Persian mythology, whose coat was like rose petals and who ran swifter than falling thunder.\\ I'll make another page under Creatures! - FourWillowsWeeping

Added a bunch of the critters from Savage Seas, and the dragon in Kingdom of Halta. Also added Thousand-Forged Dragons, being that they are just too damned cool to ignore. -- Stuff. Blaque

Noting on the recent tidey-up by Ikselam, I'm actually not sure on Bloody Rain. Despite all the pyrotechics and stuff, he also does things rather Air IMHO, like turning into lightning and the lot. But his general behavior I geuss would do that I gess. Stuff. Blaque.

Check page 7 of the Halta book.\\ _Ikselam

Good call with the dragon archive.  :) I love dragons, and I'm always looking for an excuse to put them into my games. Keep it up. - Morpheus

I added one of my own Lesser Elemental Dragons (Apsu). I'll have his description up soon...along with the other Regional Coordinators of Elementals of the Realm. - Seiraryu

I added Lesser Elemental Dragons of Wood (Sirrush and Nidhogar) and Earth (O-Goncho and Kalseru). Detailed information on them follow soon. - Jiba

Has anyone noticed Slacstag, a Lesser Elemental Dragon of Crystal? (E:tAu, Page 177-178) I thinks he's pretty mean. - sssssz

Showing the Known Autochthonian Dragons, cause we need to shows them some love. I also plan to add a few custom dragons in the mix a little later - ArabianNinja

Hmm, the name of the forest fire dragon is Bloody Sky, not Bloody Rain. Rain doesn't make sense, cuz he's a fire elemental dragon, not water! Or even air! Jeez louise! Glad I caught it years after the book was released. --UncleChu