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Blood of Chaos: Wyld Mutants

The Wyld taints all that it touches, and the creatures that it spawns live their lives in the seething masses of chaos. Often, they journey to Creation's edges, where they threaten those who live on the fringes of the world.

Many of these beings are simply normal creatures that have the additional of several WyldMutations.

Creatures Of The Borders

These are the most common type of Wyld creatures seen in Creation, those who spend their lives in the Borderlands and often venture into Creation itself. Usually, they have (Willpower) mutation points or fewer, and wander out of the Wyld to be seen in Creation. However, they can only breed within the depths of the Wyld.

Creatures Of The Middle Wyld

These creatures have usually adapted to whatever Wyld region they live in, changing along with it or not at all. They rarely if ever enter Creation. Most creatures of the Middle Wyld have (Willpower x2) mutation points or fewer, and cannot live in Creation forever; over a period of months, they gradually waste away and die.

Creatures of the Wyld's Depths

These strange and bizarre creatures live far from the edge of Creation, and venture there only in the rarest cases. Beings such as these usually have over (Willpower x2) points worth of mutations, rendering them unable to survive Creation for more than a few days. Most of them are completely assimilated to the Wyld, taking on a set of purpose-driven mutations and remaining within them.