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Those Who Touch The Earth

Being a Roster of the Small Gods of Creation.

While the greater gods of the Celestial Bureaucracy reside in the vasty halls of Heaven, their lesser functionaries dwell in Creation, as do renegade gods that have turned their backs on the divine hierarchy. Here you'll find a list of all known earthly small gods. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicised, and ideally each has a brief description. The gods of Yu-Shan can be found at The Celestial Bureaucracy.

Unlike the gods of Yu-Shan, Terrestrial deities tend towards a confusing mishmash of superiors and inferiors, reporting to several people at once or none at all. Many of them do join SpiritCourts.

The Great Gods

The greatest gods of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy oversee vast domains, and have Essence ratings from 6 to 8.

The Middle Gods

Powerful city-spirits, gods of lesser lands and concepts, these gods have Essence ratings of 4 to 5.

The Lesser Gods

Servant-gods and gods of tiny domains, these gods have Essence ratings of 2 or 3.

Godly Races

Tenders of concepts and servants of greater spirits, these gods are not unique, but a class of being with very similar powers and natures.

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