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Servants of Oblivion

Being a Roster of the Undead and the Other Inhabitants of the Underworld.

The lands of the dead are not empty. All manner of things walk through those realms of ghosts and shadows; some that once were living, and some that never lived at all. Here you'll find a list of all known undead and other Underworld entities. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicised, and ideally each has a brief description.

The Once-Living

Corporeal Undead

  • Bone Lion
  • Exquisite Undead Aide
  • King of Night: Sorcerers and sinners have been known to reclaim their bodies after death. While most are destroyed soon after rising, some survive and gain power over Essence, learning to feed off of the blood and breath of mortals. These vampire kings can gain great power, often ruling over shadowlands too small to warrant the attentions of a Deathlord. Quendalon
  • Spine Chain
  • Tormented Sleeper: Necromancers can steal the souls of the newly dead, forcing them back into their body soon after death. These slaves to the Necromancer retain their memories and skills, but are forced to suffer the torments of the Labyrinth in their sleep. Their souls are slowly torn apart and sent spiraling into the Void until nothing is left to animate. haren
  • Zombie
  • Plague Beasts: Animals raised as Zombies and filled with a dreadful miasma. Completely midless, these beasts are typically sent to storm into enemy lines. As the enemy attacks, each beast explodes into a huge cloud of gore and foul miasma, spreading poison and disease in a huge area. Yeddim are a favourite beast for this.
  • Harrowers: The Harrowers are a relatively new creation. They are created by surgically modifying one or more corpses, fusing them with each other, with artifacts, with weapons of all descriptions, with nearly anything imaginable, and animating them with the tortured and insane spirits of their previous owners, corrupted and changed by powerful sorcery. They will obey their master unconditionally, but are completely insane and very difficult to control, and are as such mostly used as hunters of foes of the necromancer who created them. Han'ya
  • Samikal Elkmen: A tribe of cursed undead beastmen.

  • Vampires, etc for vampire equivalents, undead creatures, and so on that weren't created by necromancers.

Incorporeal Undead

  • Deathlords
  • Hungry Ghosts
  • Ghosts
  • Mortwights
  • Nephwracks
  • Ahkiyyini - Ancient servants of the Neverborn
  • Ashenwights - Smoke-bodied hungry ghosts that inhabit corpses.
  • The Kolorthi: A new form of ghost.
  • Manes: These vicious beings are difficult to describe. They seem to be strange amalgamations of ghosts fused together in one malevolent form. Usually centered around one terrible and strong willed ghost, it is unsure if the core was once a ghost, or if upon death, the half spirits and memories of the death in a place condense around them to create a Mane. Either way, they are usually bound to a limited area and revel in killing others to join with their being. The core seems to be the only one left whole as the others are twisted or mere puppets to that will. haren

Spectral Creatures

Creatures of the Underworld

  • Barghest
  • Ghost Tiger
  • Jade Effigy
  • Pyre Hawk
  • Tomb Golem Note: These are Artifacts, not ghostly creatures.
  • Arnuki Beast: This vicious beast of the Underworld is deceptivly tiny for its malicious appetites and tremendous value. Standing only two feet tall, the Arnuki Beast's height is mostly composed by its four legs, each ending in three razor claws. Its two pincer-tipped arms are spinly and useful only for tearing gobbits of flesh to pop into the creature's fang-filled maw. The long blond mane of the Arnuki Beast allows it to hide in the grasslands that make up its favored habitat. The Arnuki Beast hunts in packs, making it a deadly predator. Despite all the dangers of the Arnuki Beast, it is often hunted by ghosts and mortals alike for its magical properties. When slain and mummified, the Arnuki Beast acts as a potent ward against all demonic creatures, making it nearly impossible for them to bear being near the mummy. - Telgar
  • Gore Phoenix: A terrifying predator of Underworld and Creation.

Creatures of the Labyrinth

  • Consumption Cloud
  • Dream: These rare manifestations are thought to be dreamed into existance by one or more Malfeans and, as such, have power comparable to that of a Behemoth or Third Circle Demon. They are most likely impossible to kill, but they fade away after only a few seconds, withdrawn into the chaotic dreams of their sleeping creator. During those few seconds of existance, Dreams are some of the most deadly creatures to walk the Labyrinth and certainly the most alien, as they abstractions sprung from the mind of the incomprehensibly alien Malfeans. - Telgar
  • Resplendent Burning Lotus
  • River Wraith
  • Shadow
  • Steel Ant



Oh, I like! - haren

One thing I thought of, but not sure where it belongs, the Kraken. It's a mysterious thing, probably a dead Behemoth, but seemingly a bit different than others of it's kind. - haren

Shouldn't Hekatonkhire be here somewhere (no book handy). Aren't they undead Behemoths? - Nikink

  1. Actually, since they are a supertype of creature, perhaps they should be listed as a general type, followed by specific examples?


  • Kraken

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Plague Beast: have you been playing a bit too much Diablo II lately? :) - Quendalon
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