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Crafted by the Primordials in the dawn of time, or forged from the very fabric of Creation, behemoths are beasts that defy description. Though many were crippled or destroyed in the Primordial War and the ages that followed, they are difficult to destroy, and many of these mighty beasts still walk the lands.

Note that the word "behemoth" is also used officially for a type of creature that Fair Folk can use as shaping weapons. These are listed in Artifacts/WyldArtifacts.

Canonical behemoths

In Creatures of the Wyld
p.17: Mount Mostath
P.49: Redwood Mantis
p.69: Sayla, the Yellow Wyrm
p.85: Mokrelus, the Many-Handed
p.91: Oliphem, Watcher of the Sea
p.100: Arad, the Hunter
p.119: Mother Bog
Bonus Cut Material to Creatures of the Wyld (official download)
p.22: Clay Man

Behemoth pages

Other behemoths

The Pack - CrownedSun

You can hear the huffing sound of their breath behind you, the light falling of padded feet on wet black earth. You run faster, every fiber of your being filled with terror. A howl rings out ahead, and you quickly change direction, moving away from it. You know they are running you down, channeling your flight where they wish for you to go, but you can do nothing else. The desire to survive is too great, and your clothes are still covered in the blood of your companions. The Pack has you.

Savants know them as the Prime Wolves, or the First Pack, yet among the Barbarians and Traders who linger too close to the Pole of Wood, they are simply known as the Pack. A remnant of the Primordial Age, once the Pack lingered all over the East and North, hunting anything that they caught the scent of or beckoning to the call of their Master, Arad the Hunter. They were five then, each the size of a pony; thick fur, rippling muscles, sharp claw and jagged fang, fast and strong. Little could stand against them, and food was always plentiful -- cities of humans, powerful gods, even Behemoths could fall before the combined effort of the Pack. Strongjaw was the Alpha, leading the Pack in service to the Creators and in the constant and never-ending search for food. Fastclaw, his mate, saw to the protection and well-being of the Pack in all things. The other pair, Ripper and Stalker, ran and ate and fought and mated -- living the lives that they had been created for, happy and full of purpose. And, of course, there was Runt.

Then came the Solar Exalted, and the War against the Creators. What could the Pack do but fight? For a time, the maws of the Pack ran red with the blood of endless numbers of humans and Exalted. When one of the Solar Exalted slew Strongjaw, however, the Pack was broken -- shattered, in fact. Runt ran first, yipping and scared off into the Woods to hide. Fastclaw, overcome with rage, fell upon the lines of the Dragon-Blooded and the other Exalted, only stopping in her slaughter when she was maimed to near the point of death. Ripper and Stalker ran off then, and the Pack was broken and lost. Fastclaw, limping away as quick as her injured leg would take her, howled mourning for her beloved and for the loss (and cowardice) of her Brothers and Sisters.

Yet, such unnatural states cannot last forever. The Pack are one, and slowly Fastclaw found the others. Runt had been nearly slain by the Dragon Kings in the days after the War, but she nursed him back to health. Ripper and Stalker had ran off into the dim reaches of the North, hunting the Mammoth and the Elk, when Fastclaw found them -- they did not wish to follow, but she grabbed Stalker by the throat and would not let go until she relented and after that a simple growl was enough to bring Ripper into line. The East, she told them, that is our home now. The Pack left then, to the furthest reaches of the East, leaving the Exalted to their stolen creation.


I don't think Mokrelus, whether is says in the description or not, can be considered a Behemoth. But that's just my opinion. - Seiraryu