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Welcome, one and all, to my corner of the Wiki. Warning: A lot of the links broke in the recent update. If you find some of those, let me know. Thanks!


Ok, I admit that there's rather a lot of stuff here. So I'm just going to point you to my three favorite things of what I've written. After that, feel free to meander about and see what there is to see.

FrivYeti/SteelAndGlass - A World of Steel and Glass, an entire setting based around taking Creation into its own modern arena.
FrivYeti/YoziPantheon - A dissertation on the Yozi, the Constellations, and how their politics might affect one another.
FrivYeti/PanicMonkeyStyle - A Celestial Martial Art that emulates the noble panic monkey.

Okay, having looked at those, feel free to cast your eyes on the rest of the schlok I pump out...

Chronicle Stuff: (AKA: The Games I Run)

FrivYeti/Mist - The Realm of the Mists, a chronicle for a small group of mixed Celestials. (ENDED)
FrivYeti/Zeretan - The Zeretan Chronicle, with all the information contained therein. (ENDED)
FrivYeti/GemChronicle - The (currently unnamed) Gem-based Chronicle. (ENDED)
FrivYeti/Dragons - Dragons of Earth and Sky, an online running chronicle. (ENDED)
FrivYeti/Shogunate - Halfway between a chronicle page and a setting page for the Terrestrial Shogunate.
FrivYeti/Bagrash - The sequel to the Shogunate game, set in R.Y. 175 and the age of Bagrash Kol.

Crunch Pages

The following pages cover my crunchy bits:

Rules And Settings - Stuff which actually changes the game.
Artifacts - A wide variety of magical creations.
Manses - Magical locations and hearthstones.
Charms and Spells - The magics of the Exalted.

My First Edition-only Material

Setting Material

Demons - Souls of the Yozi, and rules for their natures.
Creatures - Beings in Creation.
Spirits - Spirits and elementals of Creation.
Locations - Places within Creation.
FrivYeti/FivefoldArrangement - A more-or-less simple game of cards.
The Exalted Codex - A for-the-hell-of-it complete distribution list of Exalts in my setting.

Characters And Fiction

FrivYeti/Characters - A list of characters that I'm creating / have created.
NPC-Building Guide - Another for-the-hell-of-it thing.
FrivYeti/PaperTiger - The Journeys of Paper Tiger, my first attempt at a serial.
FrivYeti/Calin - The Trials of Calin, a serial story which is so close to being finished and yet probably never will be.
FrivYeti/Kieran - Twilight Of The Second Age, which is actually off-site.
FrivYeti/Hekara - Another off-site serial story.

The Dead

The Unrepentant Sage of Vengeful Misery - Deathlord of the Far South.
The Emperor Anointed in the Blood of the Martyrs - Deathlord of the Southwest seas.
Ghosts of the Exalted - The Power of the Dead


The following are mini-essays about concept mistakes that crop up a lot. I've decided to have a hard copy of them rather than re-type them each time the error appears.

Why 'attack' means two things


My favorite pages - Some of the best spots on the Wiki for general fun times.

Hey there. Welcome to the Wiki. Have you read BestPractices? If not, please do. Also, before you put up new MartialArts, I do suggest you check and see if someone else has already had the same idea -- you might be surprised! Of course, don't feel that your new style isn't worth putting up if someone else has come up with a similar theme; just be aware of their work.
~ Shataina

I'd recommend putting it up anyway. There are some seven different Crane Styles up already (not to mention two leopards, two spiders, three scorpions, etc. etc.) and I think they're all different enough to fill different niches in different people's games. Anyways, hello hello, welcome to the wiki, here's hoping you find it useful and entertaining. - Falcon
I don't think you actually contradicted me there ... ~ S
Thanks for the greetings, and the advice. I will do so. :) - FrivYeti
  • WIKISNIP* The Profession stuff has moved to the Profession page. - FrivYeti

Friv, I just want to tell you that Steel And Glass rocks. Now go back to writing! - TonyC

*grins* Too many things to work on at once, that's my problem. Thankee! :) - FrivYeti

I just wanted to say that you write well. I'm enjoying your story of Calin!
-- Darloth

Thanks, glad that it's liked. :) - FrivYeti

Your stuff is being transferred, dude. Kukla

Three thumbs up! Impressive. - FrivYeti

Just finished reading through Steel and Glass, and holy crap is it awesome. Keep it up! =D - Caelene

FrivYeti, I just gotta say that I love your work. While I really like Wyldfarer I gotta say all that you do is interesting and very informative. I am so glad that you saw the need to post them here. - Heru

I’ve read through your Calin story as well as the Steel and Glass setting. Calin was good. Trimming it down a little might make it a harder hitting, or at least that’s my impression after reading it. I really liked Steel and Glass. Nicely executed! –MunificentPerception

your work is great i like your alternate settings, they are solid stuff. unlike some of the other ramblings i see around here, my own included. keep it up!! - PurifiedinMoonlight

Awesome. I'm letting you know, I'm sooooo going to use Jiula's Voice with a character. -ASuperHero

I find myself doing much of the same stuff you are, fiddling system, weapon tables, and considering high essence. Sometimes, I decide your work is better that whatever I might make, and sometimes not. Even so, I felt the need to say, in a more general way than last time, that your stuff is great, and I really appreciate being able to ste*cough*read it!
-- Darloth

love your stuff man its pretty amazingly helpful with some planning im doing - Nkolos

Hey Friv. Would you mind if I included your Soul Siphon in WhenAutochthonDreams? I totally missed it before. - Wordman

Go for it, and I'm honoured. :) - FrivYeti

You don't live in PA or MD, do you? -- GreenLantern

Toronto, Canada, actually. I'm one of those crazy Canucks. - FrivYeti