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The Infernal

Malfeas is a vast world, swarming with the endless hordes of the Yozi's progeny. Their natures are madness and pain, and even those who seem benign usually hide some darker secret.

Demonic Setting And Concepts

FrivYeti/YoziPantheon - The Infernal Pantheon.
FrivYeti/DemonicVirtues - Because the virtues of Creation just don't cut it.
FrivYeti/TheDemonSouls - Notes on the Second Circle souls of the Third Circle demons.


FrivYeti/GreaterAkuma - Rules for the conduits of the Yozi

Third Circle Souls

Souls of the Ebon Dragon</b>

Avadonis, The Shadow That Casts Itself, Fetich Soul of the Ebon Dragon.

<b>Souls of Isidoros</b>

Ka-Malak, The Thread of Misfortune, Fetich Soul Of the Black Boar.

Second Circle Souls

<b>Souls of She Who Lives In Her Name</b>

Shikara, the River of Sorrow, Indulgent Soul of the Punisher of Sin.
Terebius, the Stone of Dark Truth, Expressive Soul of the Ravager of Dreams.

<b>Souls of Zuratha</b>

Bhalaik, the Entwining Hive, Understanding Soul of the Everstretching Truth.

First Circle Souls

<b>Souls of She Who Lives In Her Name</b>

Shimazu, The Wardens of the Road, Progeny of the Outstretched Fist.