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The following are all characters that I have created or would like to create. Feel free to use them as PCs or NPCs. Most of them are statted as starting characters, but not all.

Second Edition

Starting Solars

Glorious Bastion Zenith Caste, petty thief turned king.
Mavren Tempest Dawn Caste, mercenary commander.
Farsus Lightbringer Night Caste, champion of the downtrodden.

Experienced Solars

Sarek Worldforger, Mad King - 600 XP Solar NPC

Starting Dragon-Bloods

Cathak Yushis Earth Aspect warleader and tactician.
Nellens Dharos Water Aspect spy and sneak.
Sesus Adara Fire Aspect, manipulative sorceress.
Sesus Shiann Water Aspect, noble (and naive) warrior.
Tepet Madora Air Aspect with a mushy heart.

Experienced Dragon-Bloods

Mnemon Varik Earth Aspect, Wyld Huntmaster and holy-crap badass sorcerer-warrior.

Starting Lunars

Thorn Claw - Full Moon leader of two opposed tribes.

Starting Infernals

  • Makari Joram - Insane Defiler who works to improve his daughter.

Fair Folk

A Boy Called Hope

First Edition

The Korthian Circle - Solars

Mavren Tempest, Forsaken King of Korthos
Sanaras Benjan, Knight Captain of Korthos
Tavarti Adira, Spymaster of Korthos
Sansar Khulik, Loremaster of Korthos
Copper Owl, Seneschal of Korthos

Miscellaneous Solars

Redemption's Flame, Immaculate Heretic
Karalas Simon, Master Craftsman (Twinking Excercise)
Lagamma Miube, Sorcerer Par Excellance (Another Twinking Excercise)


V'Neef Soras Earth Aspect, Show-off Warstrider pilot


Flowing Conduit Conceiver, Orichalcum Caste