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A Lunar & Sidereal loving guy who has a lot of time to make characters. I'm also part of a game Han'ya is running READ ABOUT IT ON HIS PROFILE. Enjoy epic & intense fights and lots of stunting, love fan fiction so expect alot later on and my brain explodes with random charm and combo ideas constantly, I will post some occasionally and please comment and adjust as needed ( im still kinda noob at this )

Solars I've made

  • [[[Nkolos/Drifting]] Petals]]- another combat loving solar
  • Nkolos/Kyra- High School dropout trying to make a name in the music industry

Lunars I've made

Sidereals I've made

Character Stories

  • [[[Nkolos/Nkolos]] Backgrounds]]

Nkolos/Charms and other fun things


I mess up.....a lot. Anyone who sees anything that needs revision please please please tell me so i can correct my mistake( or you can just do it ).

House Rules/ Tips (mainly personal reminders)

1.) Fangs and Claws count as one mutation, I mean really who wants just claws or just fangs....

2.) Interact! Extras can be a little more than just faces in a crowd or people to kill. They're like us! Exalts are not above a little friendly ( or not so friendly ) chatter with a butcher or whoever it might be.

3.) Social combat is exciting too! It's not just two people standing there throwing comments back and forth. Use analogies and props to get the message through. ( this could give some interesting stunt opporunities too )

4.) Its REALLY HARD to dodge something going REALLY FAST ( like cars! lol ) speed enhancing charms in combat lower dodge DV depending on how far or close the target is, penalty is up to Storyteller but be reasonable... your Exalts ( oh yeah i recomend sense modifiers as the opposites so like insane speed vs. insane vision cancel eachother out, and fight continues normaly if not a little more fast paced )

5.) Charms like Falling Scythe Attack and Thunderbolt Attack Prana give special bonuses depend on the attack itself. For example im making a character that manipulates lightning as a base for his attacks and he has a Falling Scythe Attack, First Martial Arts Excellency and Shadow Races Light combo ( normal unarmed attack w/ fist but it has a ball of lightning, and he moves REALLY fast ) so i made it piercing and impose a DV penalty (according to #4)!


Dude, 'tis me. I noticed you were experiencing difficulty with page creation and were generating swarms of chaff pages, so I took the liberty of putting the mistakes into DeletedPages. I also did a little neatening on Drifting Petals, jsut to improve readability. If you have any questions just ask. - Han'ya